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Re: Eng1101 Project #1

Hi my name is Tevin. I am a student at New York City College of Technology. I love to do two things draw and play video games. When I was younger I always loved to watch cartoons, I still do to this day. In fact you could say that cartoons are the very reason that I got into art in the first place. I remember I used to draw my favorite characters over and over again. As I entered high school I had no idea what I wanted to be or what I was gonna go to college for, but did I know that I definitely wanted to be in art. When I took an animation class in my junior year i found exactly what I wanted to do.

I love to draw and the feeling I get after I finish a sketch. It gives me a sense of pride, a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that I created something amazing with my own hands. I also like looking at art seeing what inspires others and what they like to create and the stories that their art can tell. I think that’s why I love things like anime or video games they literally tell a story and sometimes they can do it without words just like a painting.

How do describe my design aesthetic? I really just draw what comes to mind. I don’t usually put a lot of thought into what I’m drawing at first. I just do what comes naturally I guess you could say my process is go with the flow. You could say that I’m a big picture kind of guy. I like to get my overall drawing done first and then put in the details later. When I’m finished I like to make sure of two things: my drawing looks neat and it looks really cool. You could say that’s my aesthetic I like to draw cool things like dragons, ninjas or anything that really peaks my interest like graffiti.

The avatar I chose is a line from one of my favorite anime the symbol above it was a banner that they used in the anime. It’s meant to represent brotherhood. The main character felt that any thing could be done no matter how outrageous or impossible it may seem. I chose it because I really like that way of thinking. The only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. You’ll never know you can do something unless you try; you’ll never get what you want if your too scared or too lazy to get it. You’re the only thing stopping you. It’s a good source of inspiration if I find myself in a difficult situation.

My avatar could be interpreted in a few different ways. Maybe I like the “keep calm and carry on” meme. to be honest I’m really not. People could see the red skull and think I’m into punk rock or something. You could see it and think I like to make those motivational posters. I guess you could look at it and think a lot of things everything’s open to interpretation just depends on how you look at things.

I think  that my profile will convey a bit of who I am as an artist and a person. I think that it’s a good idea to let people know a little bit about yourself. Being social is apart of being human we all want to communicate and feel like we belong ;maybe if you see a profile picture that interests you you could find out that you and that person could have something in common. I hope that my profile and ePortfolio will get peoples interest and maybe just maybe we could be friends.

Project #1: Revised

My name is Kevin Ayala, I’m 17 years old and currently studying in City Tech for a major in graphic design an advertising. Ever since I was a child, I was always passionate about drawing, no matter what I did , I would always doodle about small thoughts that would pop into my head. Majority of the time, these thoughts were inspired from playing video games so much, since that would be the one thing I would always do whenever I had free time . Other times, it would be about cartoons I would watch on television. These two sources of entertainment were the main inspirations I had that began my passion for drawing and creativity.

From every game I played, or every cartoon I watched, I would always have a keen eye for the detail of the characters and the creators style of drawing them, since many are unique. Their appearance, art style, and characteristics were all main points I would always consider when I drew something out of the inspiration I got from it. Throughout my time in school, I would always meet new people that would give me even more inspiration or suggestions for my artwork, not only improving my work, but creating a stronger passion for drawing. Before I knew it, I already had my mind set to what I wanted to do in the future as I grew up. I wanted to take my love of drawing, and create a career out of it. I go by a saying i grew quite fond of, “If it’s something you love to do, go for it”

In five to ten years from now, I see myself as a concept designer either for television, game making, or advertising. I want to be able to present my portfolio to someone with confidence, and show them what kind of ideas I have for a project or an idea for an on going one. Just the thought of seeing something that I created in the public eye of millions gets me exited to do what I love.

My profile and avatar shows that drawing and sketching is what I want to do, and how I’m driven to do so. My avatar represents myself, drawn in a sketch, showing that I love to draw, hence the pencils and eraser next to the drawing. I left it uncolored, showing that I’m still incomplete, Although it shows what I’m capable of doing as far as my artistic ability, I still have a lot to learn before I can actually go out there and express myself to businesses and companies. People will see this through my portfolio, as it shows my development throughout my time in City Tech. With these new learned techniques, i can show my future employers that i am ready to work and ready to show what i have to offer to their future operations as a graphic designer.

When it comes to my profile, it shows the past work i have done in my College courses and shows how passionate i am at using my creativity for my assignments, making them as strong as i possibly can. If there is ever something that i know i can do better, i will ask for criticism or opinions. with those idea’s from others that gave me criticism, i revise my work, making it fit the assignment as best as possible, possibly even going above and beyond. I want people to look at my work and know that I’m very serious about what i do and what my employers or professors from me.

Project #1, Reflection

The first project we had was to introduce ourselves here on the OpenLab. Pretty easy since we already did this in class basically. Secondly, commenting on peer work. I learned a little bit more about how to describe myself, as well as some things about everyone in class.

I feel like what I got out of this was getting to know some people more without the awkwardness of going up to them and striking conversation. This helps because sometimes, most of the time, I keep to myself and tend to stay out of the way. I think I did a pretty good job in describing myself overall when it came to why I chose certain images for certain things. What I could’ve worked on was dedication. Not because of the work involved, but because of my time management. I am torn between school and work and finding time to sit down and work can be challenging. I’m adapting still to this new addition to an already packed schedule, but I will persevere and manage everything better and efficiently.

Project #1: Reflections

My first project on ENG1101 is an introduction of myself. This is a detailed introduction, is not just some simple thing about me. I usually introduce my self to other people just simply by telling them my name and my age. Even so the project gave me an unforgettable experience. This is my first time of me trying to writing it down to describe my self and use the way of writing to know about my classmates. During project one, I was very confused to choose my avatar. Because the avatar is the first impression my classmates will look at me as. But it does not mater if somebody does not understand my avatar because I will explain my avatar in the fallowing essay. I rarely use the computer so the computer operation is a bit difficult for me. Luckily I have a friend that knows how to use computer, and he is willing to teach me. Overall this is a good experience, I learned quilt a lot knowledge during project#1, learned how to better introduce myself, vocabulary, and learned some computer operating skills. Next, I hope I will have greater progress in writing, vocabulary and computer operating skills.

Reflection on English Project #1

Our first project in English class was to introduce via openlab. I found this very easy because the main goal was to describe ourselves. We also had to comment on others work to critique them and help them improve it through guidelines. I learned that I can be very detailed when it comes to describing anything.

What I acquired during this class is that this project is a big introduction to the other projects, or this is how I feel this project is meant to be. Also to help us get more acquainted with one another. I am proud on how comfortable I felt when it came to describing who I am and how precise and efficient my advice can be when helping others when it came to setting up their bio and and project overall. One of the things i should work on is how to organize my information better because the reader can be lost if i don’t. I have additional support throughout class time because I learn better through verbal communication. Also at times I would have poor management time due to my other homework and I tend to forget to go on my computer from time to time. For my later project I shall be using my phone more often to operate Openlab. Since now I have my first experience in my first project of English I am now really confident in the future works.

Project #1: Reflection

For my first english project my task was writing a four-paragraph bio on my eportfolio profile. I had to give my portfolio an avatar that represents me and my aesthetic. One of my tasks was to put into consideration what my classmates would interpret from looking at my avatar. I had to think about what kind of image they would configure about me and what interest I have from my avatar and what my profile tells differently. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard finding an avatar to represent me.

I went on my personal blog and began looking up pictures I had liked. I found this cute pastel-themed picture of a pink and blue shower head. The water ducts were little red hearts which struck me as the cutest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I felt like it was such a simple concept and design. I’m proud of how much I feel like I found an image that actually does represent my personality and aesthetic. As I began writing my bio I started thinking about how much the image really tied to my general interests and style both artistically and personally. I think I do still need work on briefly explaining what kind of person I am. I feel as though in some areas I give too much information and in other areas I need to elaborate.

I spent about two hours trying to construct this bio. I thought this would be easy for me, considering how on social networks always ask you to explain yourself and your general hobbies. I began to cut down and tried to type less like how I speak and still be able to convey myself in this bio of myself. I believe next time I’ll start from a way earlier date and begin to separate my ideas and organize them first before my writing.

Reflection on Eng1101 Project#1

I thought this project was pretty fun and easy to complete because it’s mostly about myself. Writing about yourself is a very simple assignment but there’s a limit, so, there’s not a lot of rambling. Surprisly I learned more about myself as an artist and other’s passions. It was very interesting to read other’s drafts to know about them.

I was pretty proud of all of it. But I would say my bio is the one thing I’m sort proud of. It’s starts to make the reader know the a little important stuff about me. So the bio is a important starter point to me. Anyway, I thought the feedbacks/comments from my fellow classmates was really helpful because without that I wouldn’t know if my draft need Provements or if it was fine enough.

Honestly, I would say this project took me 3 or 4 hours in total to do everything. It wasn’t that hard but thinking about what to write about was the hard part. The outline of my draft actually took the most time to do because I didn’t know what to write about for 30 mins. Yep, for 30 mins. Writers block to its fullest.

For the next project will be sort of longer for me to complete. But I’ll try not to think about it as long it’s going to take me, but how well it’ll turn out.

Project 1: Reflection

Project 1 is about a bio of myself. It’s mostly about me being a student and what I’m trying to become. I started out stating my interests and how it ties into me being a designer. By doing this project I learned how to organize my essay. My writing tends go all around the place. By writing it out first and having a draft my ideas were able to flow better. Also posting it an then having people comment on them also helped. It helped me choose which ideas were relevant to my bio. What I think I could improve the most on is my vocabulary. I didn’t spend a lot of time on this project. I wish I did. I know my time management skills need a lot of work. I spent most of my time thinking about what would be in the project. I’m hoping for future projects I can put more time into them and have a great outcome. I also hope that everyone would continue to leave comments on how I could improve my work. Thank you :)

Project #1: Reflection

In project #1 I wrote a bio about myself. Mostly about me as a student and what inspires me to do what I do. I talked about my interests and such. By working on this project I learned a lot about what I need to work on in my writing. I also learned that organizing your essay before you write it is very helpful. My bio probably would have ended up as being all over the place if there wasn’t an outline for it. I’m most proud of the details I included even though it could still use a little bit more details. As for any other improvements I really want to improve on my use of vocabulary in my work. What was helpful during this project was the feedback from my peers. It really helped me to get the final piece done. If I didn’t have any feedback my work wouldn’t have improved very much from the draft to the final piece. I wish I had spent some more time on this project. What I spent the most time doing was thinking of what details to include into each paragraph and figuring out if it belonged there or made sense. I definitely need to work on time management though. I’m hoping for future projects I can put more time into them and have a great outcome!

Project #1 Reflectons

My project as a whole was mostly about me and my bio. I wanted to give a lot in that section because we do not all know about each other very well and I really wanted to show who I was. During my time doing this project I learned where in the school is best for me to work, when I do want to work on campus. I was not sure where each lab was and I did not know how quiet or loud it was going to be when I arrived there. Although in the end the best place for me was the library which I only stumbled upon because I went up the stairs the opposite way I usually do. After finishing this project I think the thing that I am most proud of would be that I believe that I have completed all of what is required and I feel confident about it. On the other hand what I believe needs the most work after project one is trying to remeber to write everything in the post instead of on word or google documents, and to fix my grammar mistakes before they happen or before I publish it on to my website. Now, during the process of this project I believe the most heplful was the feact that each requirement was listed and we just chose where each one would go in the essay. Whether we wanted a paragraph for each category, or two catergories in one paragraph it made it easier to accomplish. As of now although I did not have much additional support I am not sure what additional support I might have wanted or needed. Lastly I wrote this project all in one condensed hour an fifteen minutes. My time management has never been the best but I do still feel confident in what I have wrote and as for next time I may start earlier I may not, but in all I beleive this project was a good experience in different ways.