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Wednesday: ADV 1100 Summary. 10/29/14

Wednesday class continued from Monday’s class and students continued to improve the collage with the criticism received, for those who finished them before hand were allowed to begin painting them. Class started off with Show and Tell in which Mikala shared a unique video on youtube about Shia LaBeouf and another classmate, Richard, shared a video that featured vocabulary such as Juxtaposition. Professor Spevack talked about our assignment that is due this Monday, the class is to turn in one painted reproduction of one of their completed collage either broad or narrow with the other collage to be reproduced digitally by using photoshop. Professor Rosen also passed a reading during ADV 1100 that the class is to be read by Monday. Lastly during class Professor Spevack talked to the class one-on-one to discuss their grades and any questions they might have regarding the course.

GPS Article Summary

This article by Lex Berko brigs up a concept that an individual can choose between a faster route, or a route that is more pleasant to experience. He shows that the primary job for maps is just to get you to a certain destination. But it doesn’t tell what you can encounter on during the course of your travel. the Yahoo company who ones Flickr uses this to conduct experiments to go into depth with their concept. They came to the conclusion that a route that is considered to be more pleasant would take a person a few minutes out of their way. Whether the person decides to sacrifice time or not varies.

When I read this article I immediately thought about other companies that are beginning to offer these kind of features in their map apps. In the next year or two, this may be something that every map will have as an option. It makes me think of how much we are beginning to advance with technology to the point where we can choose between something this simple. In my opinion, I would be interested in taking a detour, if it meant that I could visit the candy store near the supreme court on the way to class. Taking such a route would be more pleasant for me because I get to visit one of the only stores in Brooklyn that is fully dedicated to candy. Therefore my motive for taking a different route would be for food. It’s generally different for everyone because each individual has their own idea of what a pleasant route would be.

Project #2: Reflection

Upon doing project 2, I didn’t know how I was going to reach the 900 words minimum. The most words I’ve ever wrote for a project or essay in high school was 600. So that was the main thing I was worried about. However, I learned something new about juxtapositions once I actually had to scout one out myself and got to know the downtown Brooklyn area a little better than before. Colson Whitehead’s example of a juxtaposition was helpful to me. The thing I am most proud of is writing a 900+ word essay but I could have organized the essay maybe a little better because I basically wrote things all around the page without sequence really.


Myopic (adj.):  a condition in which the visual images come to a focus in front of the retina of the eye resulting especially in defective vision of distant objects, or a narrow view of something.

I encountered this word in the article “What If You Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful?” by Lex Berko. It says “Your commute to work and your walk to the shop don’t have to be so myopic and destination-driven.” I can translate the sentence into meaning the commute to work and walk to the shop doesn’t have to have a main focus or main point.

Project 1 reflection

Before this project, I would just look out my window and think nothing of what I say. This allowed me to take something so simple and see it through a completely different perspective. I’ve had the same view out that window for years and have never taken a minute to observe the simple things that are right outside.  In my opinion, the inking portion of the project was better for me to complete than the cut out piece. I feel that I had more control of what I was trying to accomplish with my work. My cut out could have been more precise with cleaner curves and edges. This was because I was just getting used to the tools I required, therefore some parts didn’t come out the way I intended. This project has taught me some things that I applied to project 2 and 3 but I’m always open to improvement.



Nebulous- unclear, vague or ill defined

When I came across this word in the text in class( What if you could choose between the fastest route and the most beautiful). My lack of knowledge of what this word meant made it confusing to understand what the text meant. Using context clues did not help the situation as much either. The sentence this word was found in states, ” But how do you quantify concepts as nebulous as beauty or happiness”. Finding the definition made the text simpler to understand as usual. But in this case I can know the specific question they’re trying to involved.


Morbidly: Adjective

Definition: abnormally susceptible to or characterized by gloomy or unwholesome feelings.


I found this word from a article “ The Boston Photographs ” this word in the article means that a bad mood in a place. It used personification to describe the social negativity phenomenon.

Now, I understood this word: It can use in two different situations. One is description a person is sick. On the other side it describe the social spirit.