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Project#2: Aural Topographies: Critique


After doing project#2, I felt like it was hard in order to control the mash up with the popmaker, it wasn’t going at the same speed of the image. The image above is my mash up however, the mash up isn’t good enough. I felt like it need a more slow movements to express the slow music instead of the fast music. However, in this project I learned how to create a Animated GIF in Photoshop.

Project #2: Gif Mashup



Without Sound

With Sound

This took quite sometime to make, at first it was rather frustrating to get everything working, but as you work, you begin to learn things along the way, that’s how it was with this project. but eventually the frustration lead to success. I feel that’s the main lesson to take out of this experience, and It’s that Failure and struggles will lead to success after enough practice and patience. Overall, it took me about 4 hours to complete this, and by the looks of it, I’m satisfied with the final product.

Project#2: Topographies: Animated Gif Mashup

Took an hour to complete.

Took an hour to complete. No Sound


I’ve been having a hard time doing this project for a long time. Even though this project is way over due, I was happy enough to get the chance to finish it. (thanks, Prof. Spevack). I didn’t really enjoy this project because i dont have any experience with photoshop or making a gif. It’s awesome to do something new, but this wasn’t the type of thing i would do in the future. But i learned that I need to stop complaining and do whatever to finish everything.

Summary for ADV1100 (Monday’s class 11/3/14)

In Monday’s class Professor Spevack talked about the last parts of Project #3 and what else we needed to do for it.  One or two students had their final projects already on their 14×17 Bristol board so professor used those as an example to demonstrate what our final of Project #3 should look like. The collages should have already been done by hand (and painted too). Other than that, students who had laptops brought their’s in because we worked on Photoshop for most of the time in class and there wasn’t enough computers for everyone. Each student was supposed to use the picture of their original portrait, download it on the computer, upload it to Photoshop and recreate it exactly how they did it with the scissors and tape so the after piece will be a hand made version and a digital version. Everything for Project #3 is due on Wednesday. We also talked about Project #2 because a lot of people were missing a big chunk of it- the animated mash-up. So professor also went over that step by step, demonstrating in class an example of creating an animated mash-up so even those who aren’t familiar or are having trouble with Photoshop can understand it. Overall we didn’t use our sketch books that day we were mostly on the computer working on Project #2 or Project#3.

Aural Topographies: Animated Gif Mashup

Animated Mashup

Animated Mashup

I found that this portion of the project was interesting because I was able to personalize it and make it my own. It gave everyone a chance to show their different kinds of music as well as displaying the different kinds of creativity throughout the mash-ups. Once I got the hang of photo shop, the steps came easier and I moved along through the process much smoother.