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Over the semester I learned way more than I expected to in this course. I learned about different things in art that I’ve never heard of and did projects that I never attempted. Photoshop, illustrator, using inking pens and analyzing colors differently are all things I can take with me out of this class and in other classes and the real world. The hardest project for me was the animated mashup because I never touched photoshop until this class, and using it more helped me understand it and use it for later projects even though I still struggle with it at times. I will use what I learned in Graphic Design principles to help me excel in higher classes and apply to jobs in this field.

I also like how we get alot of work done during class and don’t just sit through lectures like regular classes. My favorite project was project 4 actually because Ā while I experimented with grays and colors it helped me learn about it also. I know now that you have to add in just the right amount of black to the color white to get a specific shade of grey. Achromatic grays and photoshop was what I learned the most about. Our peer mentor Loubna was also very helpful with the work and with things outside the class and now I know more about City Tech.

Danteā€™s Inferno: Humument

The wording for the Humument

The wording for the Humument

The finished Humument for Dante's Inferno

The finished Humument for Dante’s Inferno


Analogous and Split-Complimentary Palettes

Took about a hour to finish. It was finished in class.

The Color Palette

Took about an hour and half to finish because finding the right colors to use was hard. Had to start over a couple times.

The Humument itself took around an hour and a half to do.

It was hard sticking to the color palette IĀ made.



The artwork is created overĀ J. D. Salingerā€™s novel The Catcher in the Rye.Ā The page IĀ choose is nearly toward to the ending, which Holden is in an argument with his sister. For the people did not understandĀ protagonist Holden Caulfield’sĀ personality, they may think he is being angry. However, Holden’sĀ innermostĀ feeling is full of sadness, and he is building a wall to isolating himself. The only one who can comfort Holden’s feeling is his sister, so i leave a tiny space to represent as light that getting into Holden’s heart.