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Over the semester I learned way more than I expected to in this course. I learned about different things in art that I’ve never heard of and did projects that I never attempted. Photoshop, illustrator, using inking pens and analyzing colors differently are all things I can take with me out of this class and in other classes and the real world. The hardest project for me was the animated mashup because I never touched photoshop until this class, and using it more helped me understand it and use it for later projects even though I still struggle with it at times. I will use what I learned in Graphic Design principles to help me excel in higher classes and apply to jobs in this field.

I also like how we get alot of work done during class and don’t just sit through lectures like regular classes. My favorite project was project 4 actually because  while I experimented with grays and colors it helped me learn about it also. I know now that you have to add in just the right amount of black to the color white to get a specific shade of grey. Achromatic grays and photoshop was what I learned the most about. Our peer mentor Loubna was also very helpful with the work and with things outside the class and now I know more about City Tech.

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