Fantastic opportunity: graphic texts

I hope you haven’t all forgotten about last semester and the fabulous work you did. Every year, City Tech’s English Department sponsors the Literary Arts Festival, and with it, a writing competition. One category added in the last couple of years, Graphic Text, hasn’t received the attention it should. That means there’s a great chance for all of you to submit your work and compete to win! What would winning mean? Recognition at the Literary Arts Festival on March 26th at 5:30pm. Your name in the program. A. Cash. Prize.

Check out the poster, read the description for the Graphic Text Award, and note that today is the last day to submit your work. Maybe you have something you’ve been working on, or have transformed your Humument from last semester  into a multi-frame text and want to submit that. I encourage you to send in your work, and soon!

Project#5: Reflection (not or the gallery)

As I did each part in this project along with the project#6 in ADV1100 class, it probably took two days to do. Thinking about ideas for the gallery, finding the right text to use, choose the right words that works and  brain storming on what point your coming across for the reader to understand.

Honestly I thought about the main idea to go for on the day we were assigned for this project. I didn’t have the document at that time, but I didn’t know what text to use. So, I chose to use a document from the humument page that contains the words I need that follows my main idea. By the way, the main idea was basically how people can’t always see what the other see in an artist perspective. So, we all have different ideas or meanings for what the image is displaying which can make another person think but stick with their own idea. I’m not trying to say that its a bad thing, but an interesting way we are as humans. We all are different. That’s why my title for the catalogue is named, “Differences”.

When I say that it took me two days, I mean two days to plan things out before I jumped into making my catalogue. I had to reread the text I chose over and over again and then chose the perfect words that flows well with my main idea. It wasn’t that easy, but I tried. As I finally felt happy with what I got, I got into writing the catalogue and the note with confidence.

Hope you like it!

What if you could choose between the fastest route and the most beautiful – Summary & Reflection


In Atlantic City Lab’s article “What if you could choose between the fastest route and the most beautiful” was an experiment to see how people consider the route in London whether it happy, quiet, beautiful, or natrual. The Lab researchers asked participants to decide which route will give them a unique feeling by selecting a pair of pictures of locations in London. While researcher gathers the data, they will also calculate what kind of the factors can affect people’s feelings, such weather, time. As a result, researcher can provide a precise route to the different people. In the end of the article, researchers also gathers information from Flicker, which is a photo sharing site that will help researcher to optimize the experiment. The data collected will help the researchers develop an interesting mobile app that soon could be interesting to use.


After I read the article, I believe the experiment is very thought out and intresting. The researchers try gather people’s emotion and calculate the unpredictable factors to make the mobile app as perfect as possible. In addition, I believe if I had the chance to choose which route will impact me the most, I will definitely take them. For me, repeating my route in every single day is very dull, I would rather spend little of my time to see something new. That mobile app will give each day different feeling, and that could change a persons attitude to life.

A Literary Visitor Strolls in From the Airport – Summary

In Charles McGrath’s article “A Literary Visitor Strolls in From the Airport” people who willing to spend extra time on different point of views will always discover more things than they can expected. Will Self is a writer, he had explored by walking from JFK Airport to the Manhattan Hotel. At the beginning, the author describes Self’s habits which being a drinker and drug-taker. After he decided to use walking to replace all his bad habits, he discovered there are many beautiful things in the world. The exploration makes Self’s feel excited he felt alive. Self is using different point of view to observe and discover the world, while other continually stand on the same viewpoint every day. We should all follow Self’s attitude, because once we changed view on things, we soon will discover more than we had before.

The Boston Photographs – Summary

In “The Boston Photographs” the author stated photos can strongly affect people’s mind more so than words. However, these photos sometimes violates people’s privacy and if its so emotionally scaring it can effect people negatively. The argument in the article to express a neutral opinion which side should we stand on. Should we encourage photojournalism to publish more pictures, or just simply describe it written? However, the article make a clear statement that the author is supporting photojournalism, because a photo represent firsthand experience that tells the truth to the society without any modification. Unfortunately some photos may give off negative emotions or rub people the wrong way because these photos are so real. The article point of view is that photojournalism is stronger than written journalism.

City Limits – Summary

In Colson Whitehead’s article “City Limits,” he introduced the idea that different people have different New Yorks. New York can be considered historical or modern, however, different generations will have different memories of New York. Whitehead, being a New Yorker, he observed how New York is changing every day. Even though New York continually changing, he able to link his memory and tell us his version of New York. The memory that Whitehead has will stay with him forever, and he would continue talks about it for time to come. In the end, we may see those old buildings replaced, or those old streets reconstructed, but the memories are valuable and that will sticks to us forever. In the end, every New Yorker has their unique memory of their version of New York.


Cutpaper   mms zhindslewis_addedvalue


Over the semester I learned way more than I expected to in this course. I learned about different things in art that I’ve never heard of and did projects that I never attempted. Photoshop, illustrator, using inking pens and analyzing colors differently are all things I can take with me out of this class and in other classes and the real world. The hardest project for me was the animated mashup because I never touched photoshop until this class, and using it more helped me understand it and use it for later projects even though I still struggle with it at times. I will use what I learned in Graphic Design principles to help me excel in higher classes and apply to jobs in this field.

I also like how we get alot of work done during class and don’t just sit through lectures like regular classes. My favorite project was project 4 actually because  while I experimented with grays and colors it helped me learn about it also. I know now that you have to add in just the right amount of black to the color white to get a specific shade of grey. Achromatic grays and photoshop was what I learned the most about. Our peer mentor Loubna was also very helpful with the work and with things outside the class and now I know more about City Tech.