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This article by Lex Berko brigs up a concept that an individual can choose between a faster route, or a route that is more pleasant to experience. He shows that the primary job for maps is just to get you to a certain destination. But it doesn’t tell what you can encounter on during the course of your travel. the Yahoo company who ones Flickr uses this to conduct experiments to go into depth with their concept. They came to the conclusion that a route that is considered to be more pleasant would take a person a few minutes out of their way. Whether the person decides to sacrifice time or not varies.

When I read this article I immediately thought about other companies that are beginning to offer these kind of features in their map apps. In the next year or two, this may be something that every map will have as an option. It makes me think of how much we are beginning to advance with technology to the point where we can choose between something this simple. In my opinion, I would be interested in taking a detour, if it meant that I could visit the candy store near the supreme court on the way to class. Taking such a route would be more pleasant for me because I get to visit one of the only stores in Brooklyn that is fully dedicated to candy. Therefore my motive for taking a different route would be for food. It’s generally different for everyone because each individual has their own idea of what a pleasant route would be.

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  1. Imagine you had to take a different route–you needed some creative inspiration from what nearby beauty could offer you, or the peace of mind that a quiet route could offer, or the happiness you get from experiencing what other routes offer. What would those be? Put another way, what would be enticing enough to make you detour from your current route? I mean, if the block over offered free candy, you’d probably take an extra 3 minutes to get to City Tech, right? What if two blocks over there were free eye candy, or three blocks away, free mind candy? What would that eye/mind candy be that would pull you off your shortest route?

    If you don’t like candy, imagine some other treat you do like. Then imagine treats for your other senses. That’s what I’m talking about!

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