This article really piqued my interest because it discusses whether people prefer to take the fastest route or the most beautiful route to your destination. It also explained people points on what they though were beautiful. It talks about how they want to make an app that would help people choose between the fastest or beautiful route. I would definitely buy an app like this because the ones we use now only tell us the fastest routes. These routes usually tend to be boring. They conducted a survey through flickr to find out answers to their questions. The people chose from the quietest routes to the prettiest routes. Through flickr the survey got sent to Boston.

I believe the answer to their question depends on the situation. If I’m running late then I would definitely choose the fastest route, but if I have time to waste then I wouldn’t mind enjoying the scenery. My definition of a beautiful route would be a nice place with trees or nice buildings and it would have to be clean. I wouldn’t mind the loud noises, but if its a place with no noise then that place would be heaven.

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