For Project#2, I wrote about a location that is close to CityTech.  My location started from Court Street and ended on State Street. I walked along the court houses and through the park. Then I made my way down toward the construction and onto State Street. The juxtaposition I found was the busy ”New York” compared to the laid back ”New York”.


This project helped me explore the different areas around Citytech. I don’t live around the area or in Brooklyn and I’ve barely ever been in Brooklyn. This project gave me the opportunity to better acquaint myself with the Brooklyn atmosphere. It was fun and interesting to discover all the stores and future hang out spots. The area I chose as an example, to find the overlapping in this area was sort of difficult but I think I found one. As I kept looking I found some similarities to where I live in Queens. Also by reading Whitehead’s excerpt I started to think more. I started to look beyond what I’d normally see. His ideas really helped me broaden the way I think. I think I got a juxtaposition because I had discovered that the people look like they were all in a different world. I think I did a good job on explaining how their ”New Yorks” differ.

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