Hello my name is Moeen Razak. I am 20 years old and I attend New York City College of Technology or City Tech for short. I’m studying to be a designer. I’ve always been a designer but now I’m refining my skills.  Since I was small, I’ve always loved watching anime, playing video games, and reading manga. They have helped me be who I am today. They helped fuel my passion for design. I’ve always wondered, why did it end like this, or couldn’t they have made it look like this? I’ve always wanted to make a my very own video game or create my very own cartoon show. One where I could create my own world. It would have all the different ideas I have. It would be an RPG game, since that is my favorite genre. RPG stands for role playing game. It is where you are the character and the story goes on through your decisions. I also have an interest in ancient mythology. I love the ancient stories of heroes and dragons and the different gods. They kinda tie into my love of anime and manga. The only difference is mythology involves culture and history. I find the different cultures of ancient times really fascinating. As you can see I’m a lover of fiction. You practically do anything when talking about fiction. I want to make video games with the many ideas I have.

The picture I chose as my avatar is from an anime I watched about Japanese culture. The picture is about a boy who delves deeper into a world about ancient demons and gods. The picture has some ancient writing and a ancient wolf demon who serves as the boy’s protector. This represents my love of mythology and culture. It also has nice vibrant colors, which represent my artistic nature.

Why did I choose this picture. Many people might be thinking that right now. It can be misinterpreted in many ways. For instance many people can think that this is a random picture off the web that I thought looked cool. Others might say it’s just a cartoon picture. Most people wouldn’t take the time to understand how the picture would represent the person posting it. People might just think that I love anime.

When people see my profile, I want them to see who I am and what I do. They shouldn’t just think I’m a guy who watches tv all day and goes out when he feels like it. People should see I’m a designer. A person who has many ideas and is willing to share them. They should be able to see how much time is put into doing what I like and feel my passion. I believe art is like giving life. When you make something you are creating new life. You are bringing something into world and giving it meaning. Many people can look at art, but few people can actually see its meaning. With this I’m hoping people will see the life I am making.