There are many places in New York that make me happy. The park that is next to my High school makes me happy. Parks gives you a place to play, make friends, and run through sprinklers when its hot. It also gives nice scenery to look at. Another place I like was my High school. It holds four years worth of memories of me and my friends. The theater also has a lot of memories of me and my friends going to watch movies, eating and stuff. My most happiest place is my room. It has everything I need. It houses all my game systems, a nice big bed and my computer. If it had a mini fridge and a bathroom I probably would never leave. My room has almost all my life’s worth of memories. From when I celebrate birthday parties, from when my friends or cousins come over for a movie night, etc. I’m starting to think all my happy places involves me being with my friends or cousins.

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