at first this project seemed very ¬†difficult because we had to listen to songs and visualize something that we can’t see such as sound waves. However, I think the best way to do it is to just imagine how the sound waves would sound and that makes it a lot easier. Then we moved to drawing which was an easy task once we knew how to imagine the sounds. Making the grid was a little hectic because we need to visualize where we would place the patterns that will be arranged in a way that makes a path to the focal point. However, if you did thumbnails it would be easier because you have an idea of the placement. The last step was to animate, now that part was a little hard for me since I missed the day that this was taught. However, as I started playing with all the tools and the menu bars I fond out how to do them, I must say it was vexing to be fitting and pasting the different pattern squares to different layers but after that everything was smooth. I really like this project because it teaches you things that on your own you wouldn’t thought about like the shapes of sounds.