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There are a lot of things that new yorkers are oblivious to while going about their day through the streets. We’re all very busy in our own little world, trying to get to places. It really never crosses our mind as to why some things end up being where we see them. In this case litter, is what we gave our attention to as we walked out of the building. How did it get there?

As i walked out the first thing i spotted was this used piece of tape. It looks as if it had been used on a box, was someone just so excited to open their package, that they just opened it right on the street? and then there fell the piece of tape on to the ground? Perhaps.

Then i spotted the lonely bottle cap, the very lonely bottle cap stuck between those geometric metal railings. Someone probably just as clumsy as me, probably opened their water bottle and it just rolled straight into that gap.

Lastly, is the empty liquor bottle… So many reasons as of why it was left there, in the middle of such a busy street. But we’ll never really know why, all we can do is assume.