The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece Jay St, Brooklyn Bridge Blvd

Red Rubber? Jay St , Myrtle Promenade Blvd

Red Rubber?
Jay St , Myrtle Promenade Blvd

Missing Metro Card Jay Street, Myrtle Promenade Blvd

If Young Metro Don’t Trust You?!!?
Jay Street, Myrtle Promenade Blvd

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When discovering these artifacts I noticed a correlation between the objects. In the first picture, the grey metal has both geometric shapes and organic shapes. The grey metal is ambiguous; the shape is very unclear and leaves the audience guessing. In the second picture, the red rubber also has organic and geometric shapes. The rubber is also ambiguous; the shape has an unclear its gives off an abstract shape. Finally, the metro card has a geometric shape. The metro card is stable; you can tell what object it is.

The grey metal was originally a part of a construction site near John Jay st. One of the construction workers was carrying the grey metal and a few other things on a hot July day. The construction worker couldn’t bare the heat, which he just stopped what he was doing and decided to go to Starbucks and buy a vanilla bean frappe. While in the construction worker was getting his drink, a young boy saw the materials and started to play with them. The young boy was swing the grey metal around and around that it slipped out of his hand and landed on the other side of the street.

The red rubber was originally from an art piece from the Brooklyn Museum. Keith Haring’s great granddaughter, Jessica was a piece that required rubber. Jessica finished her art piece in 3 weeks, and her art director told her that her artwork will be featured in her grandfather exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, but she had to bring it herself by Tuesday at 2 pm sharp. It was Tuesday afternoon, and Jessica was rushing to get to the museum at 1:10. As she was running down Johnson st, she bumped into a pedestrian and one of her pieces came off ; she did not  notice until she arrived to her destination.

The metro card was from a Genny, student at F.I.T. Genny was waiting for her friend Sabrina at City Tech. Genny and Sabrina were going to a Future and Drake concert. While waiting, Genny decided to get some from subways and wait in the park. When Sabrina arrived towards the park, Genny started to scream and shout “ARE YOU READY, BEST FRIEND?” Sabrina replied “HELL YEAH, B”. With the entire frisson that was happening, Genny forgot to check for her metro card in her back pocket, she was able to the concert with her spare card; she was still upset that she misplaced her metro card.