Group Project Assignments

Groups and project ideas have been finalized — take a look at this page for details to see who you are working with and what you are working on (the page is also available under the Group Project dropdown menu above).


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Welcome to MAT 1175 Fundamentals of Mathematics at the New York City College of Technology.  This interactive website will be used by two sections of MAT 1175 in the Fall semester of 2011. Students are encouraged to participate and will be rewarded for substantive comments and questions.

About: Mathematics is the language of science and, while it can be abstract, we study it because it describes the world around us.  This course provides an introduction to two fundamental areas of mathematics, the study of shapes and their properties (geometry) and the study of variables and their relationships (algebra).  To help make these abstract topics concrete, we have chosen to focus on the Brooklyn Bridge; this world-famous structure dominates our neighborhood and is of immense economic, political and practical importance to millions of people.  Throughout the course we will encourage you to think about the ways in which mathematics can be used to understand  and describe many aspects of the bridge.

Section Info: This website will be shared by two sections of the course.  While these sections have different professors and meet in different rooms, we will be working closely together throughout the semester and each of you will have the opportunity to work with students from the other section.  NOTE: it is important that you attend the section you are officially enrolled in.

  1. Section 5147
    Instructor: Professor Ezra Halleck
    Class Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:15 – 3:55 pm, room N416
    Office Hours: N726 T 1-2, 4-5 and by apt
    MathZone Section Enrollment Code: 8F6-6B-C33
  2. Section 5148
    Instructor: Professor Jonas Reitz
    Class Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:15 – 3:55 pm, room N705
    Office Hours: N707 T 12-1 and by apt
    MathZone Section Enrollment Code: 863-9C-3DE

Books: There are two books for the course:

  1. Africk, H. Elementary College Geometry (1997), Thomson Learning
  2. Miller, O’Neill & Hyde, Intermediate Algebra, custom edition (2011), McGraw Hill
    NOTE: you MUST purchase a new copy of the Intermediate Algebra textbook to obtain access to the MathZone website (for completing homework).  See MathZone below for details.

Calculator: A scientific calculator with the trigonometric functions (sin/cos/tan) is required (for example the TI-30XIIS). For those of you in programs which require MAT 1375 Precalculus, you will need a graphing calculator (e.g., TI 84) and might consider purchasing one now.

Websites, there are two for the course: OpenLab and MathZone.


  1. OpenLab:  The main course website is located on the OpenLab,  CityTech’s new digital platform.  We will be using this site a lot during the semester — it has all the information about the course, assignments, grading, and so on, and it the place where we will be making announcements, asking questions, and holding discussions as a group. You will need to register on the OpenLab in order to participate (registration is free, but you will need your citytech email address).

  2. MathZone:  Homework for this class will be completed on the MathZone Homework website. You will need to register on the website in order to complete the homework.  To obtain a registration code you MUST purchase a new copy of the Intermediate Algebra textbook (if you have a used copy of the book and the code has already been used, you may purchase a registration code for at for $50: use New York City Tech College (Brooklyn) for school).
    Registration code: Included in your Intermediate Algebra textbook
    Section Enrollment Code:
    If you are in Section 5147 with Professor Halleck, use code: 8F6-6B-C33 (click  for step-by-step registration instructions)
    If you are in Section 5148 with Professor Reitz, use code:  863-9C-3DE (click  for step-by-step registration instructions)
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Group 10 PowerPoint Reflection (Jonathan Ramroop)

a1) How to calculate the speed at which the ball would fall from the bridge to the water.

a2) How to calculate the distance at which the ball would fall from the bridge to the water.

b1) The hardest part of working with a group would have to be conflicting schedules. Some would have different than others which made it complicated to get together and get this project finished.

b2) The part of the group project that i enjoyed most was pretty much my group members. They all actually turned out to be decent fun people which made it a lot easier to work with. I really am thankful for getting assigned this project, if not I wouldnt have met these wonderful people.

b3) The emotions that I felt most was anxiety and nervousness. I took speech class and knew that I really was never a great public speaker so it was very scary to think that I would have to go in front an audience and deliver a presentation. Through my group members support I overcame this fear and actually got did rather well on the presentation. I was also anxious due to the fact that I just wanted to get this whole thing over already. Through it all though, it was a great experiance.

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Field Trip Response by Chyna Haywood

The trip to the Brooklyn Bridge the beginning of the year was a great experience to start off my first semester. Not only was it my first semester of college but my first time walking across any bridge. I admit, I was skeptical of this trip but I ended up enjoying myself.It was also a great experience to socialize with my classmates and other math 1175 students. We all took pictures and made each other laugh the whole time. I like the idea of connecting the Brooklyn Bridge to math and science. The math part was the calculations we did to time how long does it take to walk the bridge. I used my cheap blackberry timer to help me get the times. Also I was able to see a geometry part of the bridge from the different angles it has. This trip was an excellent opportunity for us to get ideas from the group project.

Here are my times:

City Tech Block = 1 mins and 43 secs = 103 secs

Brooklyn Bridge = 13 mins and 14 secs = 866 secs



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Profesor halleck this is aubrina, did you put progress report grades up yet, or you have to put in the password since its password protected? Open lab keeps not allowing me to sign on

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Field Trip Response by Andrea Sukhu

The field trip to the Brooklyn Bridge was awesome! It was actually the first time i’ve walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very hot, but it was interesting. It gave each class the oppurtunity to  meet each other; especially because we’re doing the projects together. I took a lot of pictures of the view from the bridge and the cars that passed. The people there looked as if they go to the brooklyn bridge a lot to hang out. I loved the fact that they sold beverages because walking that bridge was like doing a full hour work out. This also gave us a heads up of our projects. It made us brainstorm idea on what we wanted to do our projects on, which was a great head start. I’m guessing the reason for doing this project will be because it has has a lot to do with science and math; we may not notice it, but it does. It has a lot of calculations in it as well. Now, the length of city tech’s block is about 320 ft long, It took me 1.5 minutes to walk out the building onto the corner (90 seconds). It also took me about thirty minutes to walk the entire plank from the other side of the bridge towards our school, so it took me 1800 seconds to walk it.


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Field Trip Response: Olivia Stewart

I really enjoyed the brooklyn bridge, the great sites and the people. I usually go to the Promonade instead of the brooklyn bridge so that was the first time I walked it. I am actually afraid of heights, I am terrified. So when I walked across the bridge it didnt feel so bad. Maybe because I didnt look down. Also I got to meet new friends chyna, sandy abruina and kweci that day.  We had so much fun and hopefully I can walk it again.

The things that stood out to me was the view, all of the venders, all of the bikers and wondering how and who made this bridge.  I also liked the photography that some people were taking. It was a great scenery. I believe this project was to learn math and science, since were are in a math class.

City Tech Block: 1min and 46 seconds = 106 seconds    Broooklyn Bridge: 9min  = 540



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Field Trip Response By Hibba Abbas

Professor Halleck: Math 1175

The Field Trip to the Brooklyn Bridge was a great experience for me. This was my first time ever to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. I got little tired after walking on the bridge, but at the same time I had fun. I really loved the beautiful view of ocean and the Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Bridge.

On the day of the trip the weather was too hot, but thanks to those peoples who were selling ice cold water to make us cool down. Also I loved the idea that we will be working with the other class students on our Brooklyn Bridge project. In addition this was the great opportunity for us to get a class credit in a fun way instead of sitting in a class for two hours and fifteen minutes. I had taken a lot of pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge.  I will really like go again on a Brooklyn Bridge.

City Tech Block: 1mins. 29 sec. = 89 sec.

Brooklyn Bridge: 27mins. 4 sec. = 1624 sec.

Proportion: citytech block/320 = Brooklyn Bridge/x

89/320 = 1624/x





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Field Trip response by Nathan Chintala!

I like the brooklyn bridge, and all the other bridges. I liked the brooklyn bridge walk, because I never really walked across it before. Although I go under the bridge everyday,  it was great to see the view from on top of the bridge. I liked the summer weather and the breeze thats hit my face on the bridge.  This was a great opportunity to make friends and I made 2 friends. Eda and Rebecca, who were suppose to be in my group, but then i was put in another group, with other wonderful class mates.

Things that stood out to me on the walk was the view, and just wondering how might have they made this,  as a bootleg wannabe photographer, i got some really good pictures I took. And I enjoyed that bit the most, taking pictures. I believe we took this trip to learn the math and the science of the bride.


City Tech Block: 1min and 26 seconds = 86seconds

Broooklyn Bridge: 15min and 42 seconds = 946seconds

(86/320)=(942/x) -Cross multiply

86x=301,440 -Divide



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Field Trip response by Gretchen A. Vila

The Brooklyn Bridge field trip was ver interesting. I never walked through the bridge before and I would love to do it again. I read some of the facts on the bridge and it is very informative. I like how stangers interacted with each other and shared there views about the bridge. The first walk was 1:28:1 minutes and it equals to 88 seconds.
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Field Trip Response by KWEISI CHARRINGTON

     The trip was pretty boring.  I was eager to get back to finish and go home but we had to do a number of activities along the way.  I have no idea how long the wooden planks are.  It took 90 seconds to walk the school block and 900 seconds to walk the bridge.

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