Field Trip Response By Hibba Abbas

Professor Halleck: Math 1175

The Field Trip to the Brooklyn Bridge was a great experience for me. This was my first time ever to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. I got little tired after walking on the bridge, but at the same time I had fun. I really loved the beautiful view of ocean and the Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Bridge.

On the day of the trip the weather was too hot, but thanks to those peoples who were selling ice cold water to make us cool down. Also I loved the idea that we will be working with the other class students on our Brooklyn Bridge project. In addition this was the great opportunity for us to get a class credit in a fun way instead of sitting in a class for two hours and fifteen minutes. I had taken a lot of pictures on the Brooklyn Bridge.  I will really like go again on a Brooklyn Bridge.

City Tech Block: 1mins. 29 sec. = 89 sec.

Brooklyn Bridge: 27mins. 4 sec. = 1624 sec.

Proportion: citytech block/320 = Brooklyn Bridge/x

89/320 = 1624/x





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