Day 6 – Properties of Integer Exponents

Assignment Day 6:

  1. Don’t forget to STUDY for the first exam, which will take place next Tuesday, 9/20.  The review sheet (with answer key) is available here: 2011FallMAT1175-Exam1Review.
  2. Your first MathZone homework assignment is due next Thursday, 9/22, and will cover the material from Day 6 and Day 7.  You should register for MathZone using the appropriate section code (MathZone registration instructions can be found on the Welcome page, near the bottom), and get started on Assignment 1.
  3. Complete all parts the Brooklyn Bridge field trip followup assignment, due on Tuesday 9/27.

TEXT: Intermediate Algebra by Miller, O’Neill and Hyde
MathZone: Assignment 1 – Exponents and Scientific Notation (Days 6-7), due 9/22/11.

Note: The problems assigned in the book below are NOT required and will not be collected.  However, they are quite similar to the problems in the MathZone assignment for this section.  They are a good resource if you wish to do additional problems for practice.

4.1 (Ex. 1-3) Properties of Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation (pp. 314-316) p. 321: 11-17 odd, 25-31 odd, 33-55 odd, 61, 63


2 Responses to Day 6 – Properties of Integer Exponents

  1. Shakirah Greenidge
    Professor Halleck

    Today I enjoyed the class and our in depth lesson of exponents. i enjoyed the classes energy, and we did have fun. I will study more because I have it but practice does make perfect.

  2. Rebecca Kogan
    Professor Halleck

    This is my favorite topic so far. The class had a lot of energy and everyone was participating. Exponent and equations are easy for me so i enjoyed working on the group problems on the board.

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