Field Trip Response: Olivia Stewart

I really enjoyed the brooklyn bridge, the great sites and the people. I usually go to the Promonade instead of the brooklyn bridge so that was the first time I walked it. I am actually afraid of heights, I am terrified. So when I walked across the bridge it didnt feel so bad. Maybe because I didnt look down. Also I got to meet new friends chyna, sandy abruina and kweci that day.  We had so much fun and hopefully I can walk it again.

The things that stood out to me was the view, all of the venders, all of the bikers and wondering how and who made this bridge.  I also liked the photography that some people were taking. It was a great scenery. I believe this project was to learn math and science, since were are in a math class.

City Tech Block: 1min and 46 seconds = 106 seconds    Broooklyn Bridge: 9min  = 540



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