Day 13 – Polynomials 2

Assignment Day 13:

  1. MathZone: Assignment 4 – Polynomials (Days 12-13), due 10/20/11.
  2. Work on your group project!  Make sure that your project idea has been approved by Professor Reitz or Professor Halleck.  Create a plan for how you will carry out your project, and assign tasks to each group member.  Stay in regular contact with the rest of your group (at the very least, send a weekly email discussing your progress with each other).

TEXT: Intermediate Algebra by Miller, O’Neill and Hyde

Note: The problems assigned in the book below are NOT required and will not be collected.  However, they are quite similar to the problems in the MathZone assignment for this section.  They are a good resource if you wish to do additional problems for practice.

4.4 (Ex. 1-3) Division of Polynomials (pp. 343-347) p. 351:  9-17 odd, 25, 27-30 all, 31-37 odd


2 Responses to Day 13 – Polynomials 2

  1. brina92 says:

    Polynomials takes a lot pratice to get the upperhand, but once you have it, you move smoothly

  2. Andrea Sukhu says:

    combining like terms makes the problems much easier. A lot of students in my class, including myself, seem to mix up the negatives with the positives. These signs can be very confusing at times, so we would have to pay more attention when soliving these problems.

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