Day 13 – Polynomials 2

The final topic in polynomials is division.  We will study two different approaches:

To divide a polynomial by a monomial, we split up our fraction in several smaller fractions (one for each term on the top), each having the same denominator as the original.  We then simplify each fraction individually.

To divide a polynomial by a polynomial, we will use a method that is very similar to the long division you learned in elementary school.  In fact, if you try a long division problem (with numbers) before learning polynomial long division you will recognize many of the steps.

Here is a simpler example:

And here is a more complicated example:


5 Responses to Day 13 – Polynomials 2

  1. I realized its mandatory to take this class so I’m pretty much stuck here. Anyways, concerning the lesson I don’t get anything in this class but then when I go home and study on my own it hits me. Just commenting so this can be graded.

  2. candice W says:

    Polynomials are pretty easy to understand, So I’m not too worried about our next exam

  3. Hibba Abbas says:

    This to easy. I can easily pass the next test.

  4. Professor Halleck
    Rebecca Kogan

    After memorizing the rules of exponents when dividing, multiplying, etc. solving equations with polynomials is a lot easier because it comes naturally when you know what you are working with.

  5. awiltshire says:

    Pro. halleck

    Man this was challenging, but after several examples and a few of us working the problems out together in class I got it, If you don’t pay attention to signs, you can make simple mistakes

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