Group 10 PowerPoint Reflection (Jonathan Ramroop)

a1) How to calculate the speed at which the ball would fall from the bridge to the water.

a2) How to calculate the distance at which the ball would fall from the bridge to the water.

b1) The hardest part of working with a group would have to be conflicting schedules. Some would have different than others which made it complicated to get together and get this project finished.

b2) The part of the group project that i enjoyed most was pretty much my group members. They all actually turned out to be decent fun people which made it a lot easier to work with. I really am thankful for getting assigned this project, if not I wouldnt have met these wonderful people.

b3) The emotions that I felt most was anxiety and nervousness. I took speech class and knew that I really was never a great public speaker so it was very scary to think that I would have to go in front an audience and deliver a presentation. Through my group members support I overcame this fear and actually got did rather well on the presentation. I was also anxious due to the fact thatΒ I just wanted to get this whole thing over already. Through it all though,Β it was a great experiance.

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