Field Trip Response by Andrea Sukhu

The field trip to the Brooklyn Bridge was awesome! It was actually the first time i’ve walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very hot, but it was interesting. It gave each class the oppurtunity to  meet each other; especially because we’re doing the projects together. I took a lot of pictures of the view from the bridge and the cars that passed. The people there looked as if they go to the brooklyn bridge a lot to hang out. I loved the fact that they sold beverages because walking that bridge was like doing a full hour work out. This also gave us a heads up of our projects. It made us brainstorm idea on what we wanted to do our projects on, which was a great head start. I’m guessing the reason for doing this project will be because it has has a lot to do with science and math; we may not notice it, but it does. It has a lot of calculations in it as well. Now, the length of city tech’s block is about 320 ft long, It took me 1.5 minutes to walk out the building onto the corner (90 seconds). It also took me about thirty minutes to walk the entire plank from the other side of the bridge towards our school, so it took me 1800 seconds to walk it.


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