Group Project EXTRA CREDIT

You can earn up to 10 points of extra credit towards the group project by completing the following.

  1. Due Saturday evening (5 points). Go to the Discussion area on the OpenLab (here).  Locate the discussion topic for your group (for example “Group 1 PowerPoint Project and Reflection”).  Write a response that addresses all the following items:
    1. List at least 2 mathematics/science questions or items for further investigation which stemmed from your presentation.
    2. Reflect on the group project and all of its aspects by responding to all of the following items:
      1. What was the hardest part of working with a group? Why?
      2. What part of the group project did you enjoy the most? Why?
      3. Emotions are an extremely important factor in our abilities to be effective and successful. The term “emotional intelligence” refers to your ability to identify, understand, and work with your own emotional responses. Looking back over the project, what emotions do you feel most strongly? Explain.
  2. Due Monday evening (5 points). ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED PART 1 ABOVE.  Look at one of the other projects on the OpenLab (the powerpoint slides for each group are posted at the top of the Discussion topic for each group).  Leave a comment on their Discussion topic (include your name/section), responding to all of the following:
    1. Discuss what they learned from the selected project
    2. Provide suggestions on how to improve 2 of the following 3 components of the selected project:
      1. Science/Math
      2. Hands-on
      3. Power point slides


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  1. Professor Reitz
    Im really happy that you guys decided to give an extra credit part..ive been studying alot for the final but this will help to improve my grade thank you

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