Day 1 – Lines, Circles, Angles

Assignment for Day 1:

  1. Sign in to your citytech email (you will need access to this account to sign up for the OpenLab below).
  2. Sign up for the OpenLab and join our course (instructions here).
  3. Read the NOTES for Day 1, and choose one of the embedded videos to watch.

In addition to the assignment above, we strongly recommend that you make an attempt to complete the problems assigned in the book below.

TEXT: Elementary College Geometry by Africk

NOTE: Many of the assigned problems below require algebra skills that we will be covering later in the class.Β  We encourage you to try to solve these problems now, but if you are not able to, DON’T WORRY.

1.1 Lines: pp. 1-6: Ex. A-D Page 7: 1-5 odd
7.5Β  Circumference of a Circle: pp. 331-335: Ex. A, D Page 339: 1-5 odd, 19-23 odd,
1.2 AnglesΒ  pp. 8-13: Ex. A-C Page 14: 1-27 odd
1.3 Angle Classifications: pp.17-24: Ex. A-F Page 26: 1-25 odd

4 Responses to Day 1 – Lines, Circles, Angles

  1. This first official session of Math 1175 concerning classifications and vocabulary of various angles and triangles names was a great way to review the concepts that were almost forgotten in our high school lives. though extremely simple, the reviews were well explained. One question I have is will we be making proof tables, and if so will proofs such as the the “exterior angle theorom”, be one of the proofs we have to learn?

    • Jonas Reitz says:

      Hi Shakira,

      Thanks for being our first member to post on the OpenLab, and welcome! We will not spend a great deal of time on formal proofs in the form of proof tables (or “T-Table proofs”), although we will sometimes ask you to justify your steps in a problem. Regarding the exterior angle theorem (and other theorems you may come across), it is a good idea to understand how it works and is applied, but you do not need to memorize a proof.

      Mr. Reitz

  2. omargani says:

    I know this equation from my high school. It is also in my head always. When prof. is teaching the lesson I always refreshing my memory. It is help me to get better idea.

  3. Andrea Sukhu says:

    i dont really understand the difference between the Z theorem and the F ?

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