Day 27 – Special Right Triangles

Assignment for Day 27:

  1. Complete the problems assigned in the book below.
  2. The final draft of your group project presentation is due today. Β See the Group Project Instructions (look for December 8 in the Calendar section) for details.

NOTE: We will not be collecting the homework assignment listed below, but we strongly suggest that you complete it to ensure that you understand the material.

TEXT: Elementary College Geometry by Africk

27 Thu 12/8/11 4.5 Special Right Triangles: pp. 197-203: Ex. A-D Page 207: 1-19 odd


3 Responses to Day 27 – Special Right Triangles

  1. brina92 says:

    You can form exterior angles from right angle in the triangles too right, then use the z to prove its right triangle?

  2. candice W says:

    todays lesson was kind of challenging, but after a while I understood it

  3. kgardiner17 says:

    I found that this lesson was somewhat confusing. Just trying to figure out the longest side, and short sides caused me to get the wrong answers. This is because I would compare it to the previous example we did in class. But after you figure out the long side, short side, and hypotenuse, all you need to do is follow the rule to get the answer for each.

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