Day 6 – Properties of Integer Exponents

TEXT: Intermediate Algebra by Miller, O’Neill & Hyde

Videos from Khan Academy.

FYI, there are excellent resources in Mathzone (accessed via the self-study menu):

  • exercise and lecture videos;
  • animations (similar to videos but without a visible presenter);
  • practice exercises (similar to the homework).

Here is a table of the integer exponent properties:

In addition, there are properties for zero or negative exponents:

Click for a Khan video with just numbers and videos I and II with just variables. Below is a video that has products of numbers, variables as well as expressions (both variables and numbers). [In class, we may not do many examples with expressions until day 7.]

and a sequel for quotients:

9 Responses to Day 6 – Properties of Integer Exponents

  1. Nahim Mishi says:

    Pro. Reitz ,

    i enjoyed that day in class when we did problems on the board, even though we got them wrong it felt good doing hands on work and seeing our mistakes.

  2. Prof. Reitz
    Rahshawn Barber

    I Love this part of algebra. I was kind of confuse at first, but glad you have simplified it enough so i can understand it.

  3. perez92 says:

    John Perez
    Prof. Reitz

    These parts of algebra can get a little confusing for me but the videos and the lectures made it more simple and easier.

  4. sbailey says:

    proff. halleck
    was a great class i was pretty good at understanding the concept

  5. Hibba Abbas says:

    This videos has helped so much.

  6. Prof. Halleck

    Multiplying exponents are easy and they are the best part of those very long questions. Good lesson, the best yet.

  7. awiltshire says:

    It’s was a easy class and one of the first classes I actually understood what I was doing, Good day!

  8. zhik says:

    professor Reitz these notes are very helpful with the homework in terms of the properties.

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