Field Trip Response by Chyna Haywood

The trip to the Brooklyn Bridge the beginning of the year was a great experience to start off my first semester. Not only was it my first semester of college but my first time walking across any bridge. I admit, I was skeptical of this trip but I ended up enjoying myself.It was also a great experience to socialize with my classmates and other math 1175 students. We all took pictures and made each other laugh the whole time. I like the idea of connecting the Brooklyn Bridge to math and science. The math part was the calculations we did to time how long does it take to walk the bridge. I used my cheap blackberry timer to help me get the times. Also I was able to see a geometry part of the bridge from the different angles it has. This trip was an excellent opportunity for us to get ideas from the group project.

Here are my times:

City Tech Block = 1 mins and 43 secs = 103 secs

Brooklyn Bridge = 13 mins and 14 secs = 866 secs



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