Day 2 – Parallel Lines, Area, Triangles

Assignment for Day 2:

  1. Complete the assignment from Day 1 (sign into citytech email, sign up for OpenLab, join our course).
  2. In our course website, post a comment on one of the following pages:  Either the Assignments page or the Notes page from Day 1 or Day2.  Your comment should be:
    1. More than one complete sentence.
    2. Either a description of something you learned (explaining in more detail one of the concepts in the lesson), or a question about one of the concepts in the lesson.
    3. Must include your full name (first and last) and which section you are in (Professor Halleck or Professor Reitz).
  3. Read the NOTES for Day 2 and choose (at least) one of the videos to watch.

In addition to the assignment above, we strongly recommend that you make an attempt to complete the problems assigned in the book below.

TEXT: Elementary College Geometry by Africk

NOTE: Many of the assigned problems below require algebra skills that we will be covering later in the class.  We encourage you to try to solve these problems now, but if you are not able to DON’T WORRY.

1.4 Parallel Lines: pp. 30-38: Ex. A-E Page 42: 1-25 odd
6.1  The Area of a Rectangle and Square: pp. 244-247: Ex. A-B, D Page 249: 1-5 odd, 15, 17
7.6  Area of a Circle: pp. 342: Ex. A Page 348: 1, 3, 7, 9
1.5  Triangles: pp. 46-54: Ex. A-F Page 55: 1-25 odd
6.3  The Area of a Triangle: pp. 260-264: Ex. A Page 265:  1, 3, 7, 21, 23

14 Responses to Day 2 – Parallel Lines, Area, Triangles

  1. Shakirah Greenidge

    This first official session of Math 1175 concerning classifications and vocabulary of various angles and triangles names was a great way to review the concepts that were almost forgotten in our high school lives. though extremely simple, the reviews were well explained. One question I have is will we be making proof tables, and if so will proofs such as the the “exterior angle theorom”, be one of the proofs we have to learn?

  2. songyiee says:

    Reviewing triangles and re-learning different types of angles was a helpful pick-me-up.

    • songyiee says:

      Songyi Ee
      Prof. Halleck

      I found that I forgot the differences between isosceles, scalene, and equilateral triangles, so to be reminded of what those meant allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of geometry. It has also been a while since I have taken a lesson on proofs, so I am glad I got to learn it.

  3. soundpross says:

    Paolo Evangelista
    Professor Reitz

    On our first real day of class we learned various shapes and angles as well as being able to solve the missing angle degrees. By taking the angles we are given on text we can solve the missing angles for example a triangle with 2 angles 30 degrees and 60 degrees we can tell the third angle will be 90 degrees because all angles of a triangle must equal 180.

  4. trevi17 says:

    Sylvester Trevi

    Over the course of 2 days in class, it reminded me the concepts of triangles. There are different types of triangles and always add up to 180. Specifically, they are different types of angles; 2 types. Complimentary angles add up to 90 and supplementary angles add up to 180.

  5. zhik says:

    Alex Zhyk – Professor Reitz.
    During class i realized that i forgot how to find out the area of a triangle. Although i knew the formula i had a hard time putting it to work, especially because we where only given the formulas but no actual examples of how to find the area of a triangle.

  6. kasia653 says:

    Katarzyna Serowik

    The first two classes were a very good reminder of what I have learned before. I also learned all the different names of the triangles; isosceles, obtuse, scalene, equilateral. Most of them I heard before but I never really payed attention to the names.

  7. ana15 says:

    honestly i’m just hoping this class goes better then my last 1175 class >:o !
    but I am a little bit excited to see how this semester is going to flow since we are being some what combined with that other math class.

  8. materials reviewed over in class was a good way to brush up on old material that may have faded away from high school. worked on angles and different shapes and even picked a new method of figuring out whether the angle is supplementry or complementry with the dash line theory.
    Prof. Reitz

  9. Nicholas Wilmoth

    Professor Reitz

    I have enjoyed “reacquainting” myself on the different elements of geometry so far. It has been so long since I have done any work with math that it feels good to get back into it. Everything is being presented in a way that I can easily follow and understand. I am hoping for a nice, successful semester. What helped me the most in day two was relearning how to find areas in different shapes. These are all terms and concepts that I have learned in the past, but for them to be brought back into my education is a nice refresher. Especially concerning those of both the circle and the triangle.

  10. lalayudi says:

    i leanred some of these before, and i still remebered it. It reminds me of old math memories.

  11. omargani says:

    I learn everything from my high school and also have every memory. I understood everything ex. area, perimeter, circumference etc…

  12. Nahim Mishi says:

    Pro. Reitz

    it was good to refresh my memory on area .

  13. hmasullo says:

    Heather Masullo

    Professor Reitz

    I basically understand everything. It’s like a we’re going over the information I learned in H.S. I like it though because since I remember some of the material, I won’t have such a hard time.

    I forgot that the transversal was the line that cuts through parallel lines, therefore creating all the corresponding, alternating exterior& interior, complementary & supplementary angles!

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