Day 25 – Congruence 2, Isoscelese Triangles

Assignment for Day 25:

  1. Complete the problems assigned in the book below.

NOTE: We will not be collecting the homework assignment listed below, but we strongly suggest that you complete it to ensure that you understand the material.

TEXT: Elementary College Geometry by Africk

25 Thu 12/1/11 Exam 4 (Days 19-23)
2.3 The ASA and AAS Theorem: pp. 84-91: Ex. A-D Page 93: 1-21 odd
2.5 Isosceles Triangles: pp.103-109: Ex. A-D Page 111: 1-13 odd
2.6 The SSS Theorem: pp. 113-115: Ex. A, B Page 118: 1-7 odd


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  1. omargani says:

    I like this section because it is easier to find congruent triangles.

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