Day 24 – Congruence 1

Assignment for Day 24:

  1. Complete the problems assigned in the book below.
  2. First draft of your group presentation (and first look at hands-on component) is due today.  One group member should email your submission to both instructors, and  More detailed instructions can be found here (about halfway down the page, listed under November 29th).

NOTE: Starting today, we will be working in the Geometry book.  There will be no more MathZone assignments.  We will not be collecting the homework assignment listed below, but we strongly suggest that you complete it to ensure that you understand the material.

TEXT: Elementary College Geometry by Africk

24 Tue 11/29/11 2.1 The Congruence Statement: pp. 67-70: Ex. A-C Page 71: 1-9 odd
2.2 The SAS Theorem: pp. 73-78: Ex. A-C Page 81: 1-23 odd



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