Brooklyn Bridge trip – followup assignment

This page contains followup instructions for our Brooklyn Bridge field trip taking place on Tuesday, September 13th (more information on the trip here).  The following are due about two weeks after the trip (on Tuesday, September 27th).  As described in our course policies, these activities make up 5% of your grade for the semester.

Submit a project idea. You will form pairs within your class (which will be eventually joined by students from the other section).  As a pair, come up with a project idea no later than 9/27 and post it in the Discussion area of the website under the topic “Group Project Ideas” (along with both of your names and the section you are in).  For some sample project ideas, look at the “Group Project” page on the website.

Estimate the length of (the wooden plank section of) the Brooklyn Bridge. You took two measurements on our field trip — first, measuring the time it took to walk the length of the CityTech block, and then measuring the time it took to walk the length of the bridge.
A.  Convert these measurements into seconds (for example, 2 minutes 20 seconds is the same as 140 seconds).
B.  Use both of these measurements to create a proportion with the ratio (distance walked) / (time taken).  Use the fact that the length of the CityTech block is 320 feet.  Use your proportion to calculate the length of the wooden plank section of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Create a new blog post responding to the field trip. Creating a new blog post allows you more flexibility than simply leaving a comment.  It also allows you to contribute to the public content of our course website.  Detailed instructions on creating a new blog post can be found here. You should create a new blog post satisfying the following:
A.  The title “Field Trip response by ” and your name.
B.  The post should consist of one or two paragraphs giving your reaction to the field trip.  Was there anything that stood out?  Things you liked or didn’t like?  Any idea why we would take this trip, as a part of this class?  Any questions you would like to ask?
C. The post should also include your photo, taken on the day of the trip (to insert a photo, click the first icon to the right of “Upload/Insert”).  If the photo has more than one person, let us know who everyone is (or at least which one is you!).
D.  Finally, include your estimate of the length of the brooklyn bridge, based on your calculation above.
E.  Under tags, enter “field trip, brooklyn bridge”


7 Responses to Brooklyn Bridge trip – followup assignment

  1. kehrlinger says:

    This sounds like an interesting project. I like the idea of a math project to help out my grade because I’m a poor math student.

  2. shavon says:

    i was unable to attend the feild trip today…. so how will be able to form a group for the class project? or even participate if i didnt experince what everyone did?

  3. zhik says:

    The best way to resolve this is to leave it up to who ever missed the trip to just walk it themselves and time the walk as well as take pictures.

  4. Professor Halleck
    Rebecca Kogan

    The brooklyn bridge was a lot of fun. Walking the entire bridge back and forth was a tad bit tiring but the ices being sold definitely helped cool me down. This project seems fun and easy.

  5. Mishii says:

    Pro. Reitz
    how do i attach my picture with my writing ?

    • Jonas Reitz says:

      First you need to move it from your camera (phone, etc) to your computer. Then, while you are writing your post, find the words “Upload/Insert” above the text entry box. The first button to the right of these words will allow you to add an image to your post.

      Write back if you have trouble with this!

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