Day 3 – Proportions, Similar Triangles

Assignment Day 3:

  1. You have until Thursday to complete the assignment from last week (register for the OpenLab, join our course, and leave a comment).
  2. For those who have completed part 1, you can earn some extra points by going to the “Discussion” area of the Course and joining the discussion about the Labs (group work) that we did on the first three days of class.

TEXT: Elementary College Geometry by Africk

NOTE: Many of the assigned problems below require algebra skills that we will be covering later in the class.Β  We encourage you to try to solve these problems now, but if you are not able to DON’T WORRY.

4.1 Proportions: pp. 157-160: Ex. A, B Page 161: 1-11 odd
4.2 Similar Triangles: pp. 162-169: Ex. A-H Page 173: 1-21 odd

2 Responses to Day 3 – Proportions, Similar Triangles

  1. omargani says:

    I learn today about Proportions and Similar Triangles.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Day 3 I learned about the difference between complementary and supplementary angles and about the many different triangles that we will encounter during our math course.

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