Day 7 – Scientific Notation

Assignment Day 7:

  1. Complete all parts the Brooklyn Bridge field trip followup assignment, due on Tuesday, 9/27.
  2. Your first MathZone homework assignment is due on Thursday, 9/22, and will cover the material from Day 6 and Day 7.  You should register for MathZone using the appropriate section code (MathZone registration instructions can be found on theWelcome page, near the bottom), and get started on Assignment 1.

TEXT: Intermediate Algebra by Miller, O’Neill and Hyde
MathZone: Assignment 1 – Exponents and Scientific Notation (Days 6-7), due 9/22/11.

Note: The problems assigned in the book below are NOT required and will not be collected.  However, they are quite similar to the problems in the MathZone assignment for this section.  They are a good resource if you wish to do additional problems for practice.

4.1 (Ex. 4-7) Properties of Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation (pp. 317-320) p. 321:  65, 69-83 odd, 85-90 all, 91-103 odd


5 Responses to Day 7 – Scientific Notation

  1. I found mathzone really helpful :) It gives you step by step hints when you are unsure of how to solve a problem. I loved how easy and simple the explanations were for this specific homework.

  2. omargani says:

    I like math zone because we could practice the problem.

  3. brina92 says:

    I like math zone because there is guided solution that helps step by step to solve the problem, and an online tutor. Scientific notation was pretty easy topic for me

  4. Andrea Sukhu says:

    i love the fact that mathzone gives us hints, step by step, making the problems less complicated. It helps me a lot because at times i dont even know where to start.

  5. awiltshire says:

    Pro. Halleck

    Was a little late for the first mathzone assignment, but still did the assignment it was nice to see hints and it tells you exactly where to look in the book.

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