Field Trip response by Nathan Chintala!

I like the brooklyn bridge, and all the other bridges. I liked the brooklyn bridge walk, because I never really walked across it before. Although I go under the bridge everyday,  it was great to see the view from on top of the bridge. I liked the summer weather and the breeze thats hit my face on the bridge.  This was a great opportunity to make friends and I made 2 friends. Eda and Rebecca, who were suppose to be in my group, but then i was put in another group, with other wonderful class mates.

Things that stood out to me on the walk was the view, and just wondering how might have they made this,  as a bootleg wannabe photographer, i got some really good pictures I took. And I enjoyed that bit the most, taking pictures. I believe we took this trip to learn the math and the science of the bride.


City Tech Block: 1min and 26 seconds = 86seconds

Broooklyn Bridge: 15min and 42 seconds = 946seconds

(86/320)=(942/x) -Cross multiply

86x=301,440 -Divide



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