Group Project assignment

Sorry professor i was not in class on tues and didint post the group project but i was on a camping trip till earlier today. I dont really have a idea im partners with Jesse and dont know if he posted a idea for us but i dont really have one. If you or anyone have any suggestions please feel free to leave comments below.

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Field trip response by Aubrina Halley



Professor Halleck: Math 1175

The field trip to the brooklyn bridge was informative and almost relaxing. The sun on bridge though was really hot, and humid. A lot of students including me, were sweating and perspiring. There were a lot of bikers on the bridge, whom possibly were riding across the entire bridge.The walk from city tech to the beginning bridge seem long, but it was a short distance. It only seem so probably because of the son.    

To walk from city tech to the bridge took close to a hour, or some more than half-hour, like 40 mins. More time was spent walking the bridge also because of the many stops. It took less time to get back to the college, about 20 mins. I didn’t like how aggresive the bikers were, they were rude and trying to run over us students. But I like the interaction with the other class, and scenic view, especially of the water.

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Field trip response by shavon bailey

Unfortunately i was unable to attend the field trip to the Brooklyn Bridge, I did hear memorable especially with the bikers. I can understand how this trip can pertain to math by timing the walk and measuring the distance. Instead I was giving a different assignment of walking to “BB” park and then toward the beginning of the Bridge. The park was cool and to my surprise had a good amount of people, it also has this great big stone statue toward the back of it which  thought was cool. I did a different trip my measurements will also be different.

320/230s (distance from school to park) and x/510s (from park to bridge)

709.50(cross multiply)

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Field Trip response by Candice Wright

For the second time walking the Brooklyn Bridge, I can say it was just as good as the first, but better. The weather was great although it was a bit windy and humid. I enjoyed walking across the plank, taking in the beautiful scenery, the cars passing by and the water surrounding the bridge. It was nice to get out of the classroom to get a break. Nothing really stood out to me besides the weird smell that came from the bridge as you fist started to walk on the plank. Overall it was fun experience walking the bridge and would really help me when I work on my group project.

Estimate of wooden plank:

City Tech block: 1 min. 38 sec. = 98 sec.

Brooklyn Bridge plank: 14 min. 31 sec. = 871 sec.

(320/98) X (x/878) Approximately {x = 2867 ft}


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Brooklyn Bridge Follow Up and Project Idea by Sandy Wiltshire, Chyna Haywood and Shakirah Greenidge

Our trip to the Brooklyn Bridge was fun and we enjoyed the great few and the activities that we did as we walked.  Besides the over priced generic water and the heat, it was a great way not to only relate geometry to the structures that surround us, but to get to know those in our school. From this trip, we, Chyna Sandy and Shakirah were able to form an acquaintanceship and make a group for our project.

The walk wasn’t as excruciating as everyone makes it out to be, and even though we didn’t mingle with the other class, their prescence, as well as Professor Reitz’s, was appreciated. Overall, it took us 90 seconds to walk the block near City Tech, and it was 866 second to walk the wooden planks of the bridge.

We have 2 project ideas just in case on doesn’t fly through. Both ideas are based on research of the relationship of The Promenade that is parallel to the Hudson River. Idea one is to find the trigonometric relationship of the promenade to the bridge from a viewpoint and idea 2 is a seasonal idea: to find how many Christmas reefs and Christmas reefs will be needed to line the Brooklyn Bridge and Promenade if each reef is 25 feet apart and each Christmas light is 3 feet apart.



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Field Trip Response by: Jose Burgos

The field trip was a great experience because i have never crossed the Brooklyn bridge. This was a first for me and i enjoyed every minute of the walk across. Hard to believe that someone who has lived all his life in Brooklyn never took the time to walk the bridge and enjoy the view. It was also a good way to get to know more of the people in the class. This trip was a good experience especially because it gave us a break from the everyday routine of being in the class. Also i did not take a picture because i really do hate taking pictures


School block: 1.24 = 84 seconds / 320 ft

Brooklyn bridge: 15.24 =  924 seconds / 3,520 feet

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Follow up assignment brooklyn bridge- Diego Gutierrez

Where do i start?…well besides being the hottest and most sticky day of my life while i was carrying 4 text books i had just bought from the book store it was quiete fun. ive never been to the brooklyn bridge before or even to brooklyn. this is the first time i ever even walked a bridge. i came to the conclusion that i will never do that again unless i have a bike to make it a little les irritating, otherwise i will pass lol. well it was a nice experiece while it lasted i got to know some of my classmates and there was less tention in the air.

City tech block: 1m 22secs = 82secs
brooklyn bridge:18m 15secs =1095secs

(320/82) x (x/1095)-cross multiply

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Field Trip Follow up by Jonathan Ramroop

The Brooklyn Bridge field trip was different. Something I’ve never done in any of my other classes. It actually gives me a sence of satisfaction that there are still professors out there that care about the learning experiance that comes along with with getting an education. I had fun, I got to talk and socialize with students that were taking this course with I and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It was my first time walking the bridge and I’m happy to say, it wasn’t a waste of time.

1 min 33 sec = 93 sec

Brooklyn Bridge = 16 min 23 sec = 983 sec

(320/93) x (x/983)- Cross Multiply

X = 3383

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Field Trip response by Eliyahu Shtauber

I had never walked the bridge before and it was a great experience. I got a lot of amazing pictures on the second half of the bridge, but was disappointed about the construction on the first half. The walk was great except for the fact that it was very hot and a little bit crowded.

I walked the block in 82 seconds and the bridge in 790 seconds

82/320 = 790/x

x = 7900

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field trip follow up by Romel Persaud

the brooklye bridge field trip was a great experience, it was my 2nd time walking the bridge.   This was the first time i went on a class trip since the  8th grade. The trip was fun and very interesting,  ti can relate to math in many ways for example all the angles the bridge haves, or the distanceit take to walk it etc.

i thought the trip was fun, i like the part that i WON the prize for the survey thing we all did, that was a total surprise to me .i won the starsbucks voucher.  i also got to interact and socoialize with students from the other class along with students from my class.

city tech block

1 min and 10 sec = 70 seconds

brooklyn bridge =15 mins = 900 seconds

(320/70) x (x/900)- cross multiply

x = 4114.2




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