Money Can’t Buy Happiness

In the article “How To Buy Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky , talks about the different ways people try to buy happiness and how they use it, some wisely and some not very wise. It is stated in the article that a research was done and there was a man who was very wealthy and had everything that he wanted but he still wasn’t happy with himself. Something that was said in the article really stood out to me and i’m sure it did to all the readers was ” It’s how we spend our money-not how much we possess-that has the greater influence on our happiness”. Spending money on expensive things for yourself doesn’t make you happy but if you spend money on helping others you will most likely be guaranteed happiness because you know you used your money for a good cause not just thinking about yourself.

The research that Sonja Lyubomirsky did showed that people are not using their money wisely and this supports the point that was made earlier about spending money on others by helping them and sharing the same happy feeling. Experience on the other hand can make a person happy. Why ? Well if you are helping a person that needs things more than you do you are going to feel good about yourself and share the same mutual feeling with the other person. But if you’re just working all the time and spending long hours of the day to be wealthy and have everything you want won’t make you happy, you’re just going to be a miserable person trying to get things you don’t even need thinking that you are going to be happy. Personally, I agree with this article not only because there is research to prove it but because it’s very true that money can’t buy you happiness, having everything in the world won’t make you happy, being rich won’t do anything for you but gain you respect from others around you not bring you happiness. But if you know how to manage your money if you are a wealthy person and you give back to the community or help out in a charity you will definitely find happiness and be happy for yourself.

Buying your way to happiness

In Sonja Lyubomirsky’s article, ” How to buy happiness she explains that happiness doesn’t come from being rich. Happiness comes from what your able to do with that money in a responsible  manner.Rich people tend to think their happier then the poorer person working  a 9-5 struggling. Having money opens the doors for various opportunities respect luxuries etc. Having all these opportunities individuals tend to think highly of themselves and think their much happier then a poor person just because of the money they possess. An individual can work long hours and able to enjoy the benefit’s, owning homes,cars, and yachts realizing you have all you’ve ever wanted yet your still miserable something’s missing. Money cannot satisfy every need nor bring happiness if your selfish. What if all you have is money then you’ll be miserable. The more money you possess the happier you assume you’ll be. A person can posses all the money in the world and still not be happy.Sonja reviews survey’s and collected data her research show people don’t spend money wisely. Materialistic idem’s are replaceable for example spending on a new watch you’ve had your eyes on for the past few weeks eventually you’ll get tired of it and become eager to replace it.Experiences leaves a bigger impact on and individual and the people they socialize themselves around, it grows on you and makes life more enjoyable. Good experiences help you grow as a person and is beneficial to your well-being and plays a big role in your happiness. Having money means you have the ability to contribute to others the ability to give back.

I Completely agree with the article the way you manage your money on who and what you spend it on plays a major role in your well-being and happiness as well as the individual around you . Experiences mean everything you can possess all the fortune in the world and still feel lonely, unmotivated, and miserable. Having money allows you to follow your dreams and meet your goals you have in life. Traveling the world meeting new people and being able to make a difference in their lives as well as your own. Giving back to your community, charities, assist in aiding people all can contribute to you happiness. In a way money can buy happiness it just all depends on how you spend, interact with others and your lifestyle.

Happiness Archive #3: summary/response to Lyubomirsky article

In Psychology Today’s article “How To Buy Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky, she writes about the association of money to happiness. She goes ahead to describe the difference between the experiences and the material things bought with money. She also tells about how spending money on others can result in sustaining ones well being and when spending money, it should be on “need-satisfying goals.

After reading the article I was convinced by the writer’s compelling points of buying happiness. Although money can’t buy happiness it can buy experiences that will leave a longer lasting impression in our memories. Making it possible to revisit at any point and time. Also when buying an experience it may bring us closer to others. A simple movie date with a loved one, can provide happiness that you both can share. Wherein the material things that we may spend allot of money on, such as, cars,jewelry, tech devices and gadgets don’t last forever. After awhile they become invalid and useless ending the temporary happiness that was created when the items were bought.

Possessions are more likely to be compared. giving us a sense of insecurities when someone comes with newest modeled car, or new version gadget. When we compare ourselves to others we are less happy. We might feel insufficient, bringing all types of self doubt; thus, not being happy.

We can also have a great deal of happiness when we spend our money on something to better ourselves, grow; Such as an education. I spend money coming to and from school, on books, on copies, on clothes, etc…. but there is a bigger picture. The fact that the money being spent is to further myself, it adds to my well being. My Bachelors degree will be very self satisfying. It will contribute to my happiness. Giving me the ability to be a better person , by helping others. Whether it be with my career or just being a strong, proud,African American, single mother. I will have something to show and prove to my children. So yes, I’m buying my happiness through experience. that I will someday share with my children, my clients or maybe even someday, THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!


How Human Services Workers Improve An Individual Well-Being

Human services workers strive to meet the needs of people. Focusing on preventing problems as well as fixing. Human service professional have the skills and conducted several different disciplines to improve individuals, families, and communities. Throughout people encounter problems people aren’t always capable of meeting their own needs so they seek assistance. Often human services pair up with organizations and agencies so that their client is provided with good quality service which makes a difference in their lives and overall well- being. Human service workers educate their clients and motivate them resulting in the client feeling better about themselves often clients tend to have low self-esteem and feel hopeless. Professional support and giving clients opportunity to take control of their lives and be more self-sufficient, being independent can better the clients self-esteem. When an individual i able to provide themselves with basic needs such  as food, clothing, and shelter their taking control.The interaction between the helper and the client is always professional and very important for the clients well- being and recovery in being a better person evolving in life. The helper must know how the client feels emotionally asking questions frequently and building on it to come up with a solution

Lilisbeth Castillo Response to “How Happy Are You? A Census Wants to Know by John Tierney

In this 2011 article it states how things can hopefully change people’s happiness such as having parks or bike paths or even mass transit but this isn’t always to people’s satisfaction. For example if the metro card fare stays $2.50 people will be happy with that but if the fare goes up to $3.25 no one will be happy about that. I don’t agree that happiness can be measured or promoted because every time something is wrong or people don’t like an idea than the government will have to change it to make people happy. If this is the case than they will always have to change or bring new ideas to satisfy people’s happiness. One thing I don’t agree with the article is how this is a good idea because policies can be changed to make people happier but what if it isn’t such a good policy and the government doesn’t agree with than people won’t be happy.

I don’t agree too much that happiness should be measured or promoted by the government because people are always changing there minds on things. People want things the easy way sometimes and things that will make them real happy. Unless the survey focuses only on specific things that can really make people happy and they don’t change that than maybe people can actually be happy about things for sometime.

Things that can be important to people’s well being can be having opportunities as a child to make things right. Having a place that you feel comfortable to talk about things. Having many options to join something that you might become good at. For the well being of the community I feel that resources and services are always good because people have many places to go to when they have many resources around them such as post offices, supermarkets, school etc. If there are many services to in a community you have help available for you always.

There can possibly be conflict between individual and community well-being because an individual might want something that the community feels is not worth it. Also the community might not listen to just one person’s well being but try and think as a whole.