Lilisbeth Castillo Response to “How Happy Are You? A Census Wants to Know by John Tierney

In this 2011 article it states how things can hopefully change people’s happiness such as having parks or bike paths or even mass transit but this isn’t always to people’s satisfaction. For example if the metro card fare stays $2.50 people will be happy with that but if the fare goes up to $3.25 no one will be happy about that. I don’t agree that happiness can be measured or promoted because every time something is wrong or people don’t like an idea than the government will have to change it to make people happy. If this is the case than they will always have to change or bring new ideas to satisfy people’s happiness. One thing I don’t agree with the article is how this is a good idea because policies can be changed to make people happier but what if it isn’t such a good policy and the government doesn’t agree with than people won’t be happy.

I don’t agree too much that happiness should be measured or promoted by the government because people are always changing there minds on things. People want things the easy way sometimes and things that will make them real happy. Unless the survey focuses only on specific things that can really make people happy and they don’t change that than maybe people can actually be happy about things for sometime.

Things that can be important to people’s well being can be having opportunities as a child to make things right. Having a place that you feel comfortable to talk about things. Having many options to join something that you might become good at. For the well being of the community I feel that resources and services are always good because people have many places to go to when they have many resources around them such as post offices, supermarkets, school etc. If there are many services to in a community you have help available for you always.

There can possibly be conflict between individual and community well-being because an individual might want something that the community feels is not worth it. Also the community might not listen to just one person’s well being but try and think as a whole.