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Midterm Grade Post

During my half of the semester in COMD1101 class I’ve learned to use Photoshop and techniques on it. And different brides of shapes and values being shown in color and around us in our daily lives.

Things I should work on would be doing and being on time with my work. I should be more organized as a designer and neat in how I hand in my work and present it.

High-Key & Low-Key: Phase 1






In this picture we can see the light coming straight to the object. Then you could also see the shadow of the object. In the back of the object the light seems to be dimming out. You can deffinetly see from what side the light is coming from.20161019_122704_burst01

This picture shows the light standing out. Around the light although you can see the shadow and contrast of darkness. Towards the top and bottom there is a dark highlight of light. You can see where the light source is coming from. The light and the dark come together to make shadow appear most.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

I found project #1 to be pretty difficult in my sense. I didn’t get the power point concept. I was also never on top with taking all the pictures I needed. So with that came that I couldn’t complete the project in all. Next project I will try and understand what is being done more and ask more questions. I found this to be a learning experience in general with all I do. I should be on time with things and prepare for what I have to do ahead of time.




Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

TRain StationMAPBUILDING SHAPETo me these three pictures summarize New York. From the different trains, the building shape, to the map. New York is all about buildings, everywhere you go you see incredible different types of building structures. When you go to a train station you always see the trains there are to take on that station. Trains is a broad way of transportation for all in New York. From the many ways to get around for all the people in this city there are always maps and help for the citizens of this place.

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