Favian Ling

Assignment 1


Strategy: Have people understand that switching to Geico can help you save money.

Layout/Design: This ad is organized in a way where your eyes see the “Do you like saving money” first, then the image of the gecko, and then the checkmark.

Copy: The straightforwardness does make it sound like an insurance company.

Message: It is clear that their objective is to help people save money. (Best)

Creativity: It’s simple but gets the job done.


Strategy: Understand what today’s society wants in a cell phone and use it to their advantage.

Layout/Design: The ad uses a very nice color scheme that makes it pop out and very appealing. First thing you see is the beautifully designed Google Pixel 4 and then the texts. (Best)

Copy: Straight to the point. One sentence about who this phone is for.

Message: It is clear that they are targeting photographers.

Creativity: A very simple ad as well, not so creative but gets the job done.


Strategy: I don’t think this ad establishes clearly what it’s objective is.

Layout/Design: First thing I see is this man taking a mirror selfie, no idea what it has to do with anything until I find out who the ad is by.

Copy: Establishes who they are and want to target, which are photographers. (Best)

Message: Unclear at first sight, but reading the texts shows the message.

Creativity: Creative but hard to understand by normal consumers.


Strategy: Very intriguing and definitely pulls people who are into scientific subjects. The use of the name one of today’s biggest movie stars also contributes to its strategy.

Layout/Design: Showing the human hand holding a robotic hand is a huge factor to pulling in scientific fans.

Copy: Very simply telling people who the host is.

Message: Clearly establishes that it is a TV on YouTube.

Creativity: This ad is unique. With the hands, it shows what the future of technology can look like. (Best)


Strategy: To sell a chair as quickly as possible.

Layout/Design: It’s just a simple design. Gets the job done.

Copy: Sounds like an infomercial.

Message: Very directly shows what the product is.

Creativity: Not so creative.


Strategy: By using simplicity on this ad, it creatives a very luxurious feel to it. (Best)

Layout/Design: Showing brand name and product right in the middle of both pages. You see the product and it just makes you dream of having it.

Copy: Just a name to show the status of the brand. It’s as if it’s saying “we don’t need to tell you who we are because if you know, you know”.

Message: Establishes that the watch is a very high quality watch.

Creativity: Creatively portrays the brand’s luxuriousness.