• Class 1 Date: Wednesday 12/9/20 – Project 2 Open Business Lab session: Campaign development. Zoom video chat from 2:30-5:00PM
  • Class 2 – Date: Friday 12/11/20 – No Class – Reading Day.

Project Goal

Stage 4: Project Development – Finalize Branding Collectively

  1. ‘Open Business’ is the initiative and the initiative’s name, so that should be encompassed in the identity (logo). The main components the initiative is trying to communicate and promote are:
    • Safe air (masks and/or additional ventilation)
    • Germ free (hand washing/ hand sanitizer)
    • Social distance (6ft apart)  
  2. The campaign will be launched in New York City as a place where this initiative is being rolled out, embraced and celebrated.
  3. Identity Typeface >> AlfaSlab One and
  4. Tagline:

Experiences may be different but life continues to be the same.

FaviAN Ling

Topic & Agenda

Class 1 – (Weds 12/09/20) Lab session:
  1. Updated Style Guide Manual: Logo Construction, Tagline, Typography, Color Usage.
  2. EPS of Open Business logo (designed by Yvan) . See link under ‘Activities’ below to find files.
  3. You can find all the latest and relevant materials for the project in this folder in our class Dropbox >> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2yj3ts31xcrbk7/AACgjMQSVrxekAkOsk5jjykYa?dl=0
Class 2 – (Friday 12/11/20) No class session

Activities DUE 12/16

As we approach our final week I want to make sure everyone knows what is needed and where to find everything:
1. Everyone has been assigned to take on one of the following components of the Open Business initiative (please reach out to me if you are not sure):

  • Advertising/Promotion: Identify three venues for the ad: ex: Billboards, Bus Station, Magazine or Newspaper. Ads should focus on target audience and aim to inform about the initiative and spark interest. Ideally you design three ads – same concept but three variations on the idea (example: support a local business 1. wear a mask, 2.wash your hands 3. keep 6ft apart. 
  • Branding and Signage: this should include materials that can be used in stores to promote and explain the Open Business initiative and to define space (both indoor and out). This should include at least 3 pieces of the following promotional materials: brochure, banners, poster, flyer, cards, stickers give away items: bags, t-shirts, napkins, matchboxes, hand sanitizer, masks, etc.
  • Social Media:This should include one focused platform and include a rollout of the campaign (possibly with launch date of May 1, 2020 in mind). The Social Media campaign should be both educational and a call to action for the target audience. Required amount 9 posts. 

2. You can find all the latest and relevant materials for the project in this folder in our class Dropbox >> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2yj3ts31xcrbk7/AACgjMQSVrxekAkOsk5jjykYa?dl=0

  • The style guide manual (a work in progress) contains all instructions relating to the branding ‘OpenBusinessStyleGuide-V3’ (it’s contains a packaged InDesign file along with a PDF, so you can view even if you don’t have access to InDesign.) 
  •  The logo and the tagline lockup are close to complete. There will likely be a revised version next Weds but for now you can find and use the EPS in a folder titled ‘OpenBusiness-Identity’ (see folder above). 
  • The typeface for all design components should be Avenir, and is found in the ‘OpenBusinessStyleGuide-V3/Documents folder. The typeface will only work on a Mac. If you are working on a PC than use Helvetica or Universe. 

3. I will be grading all the components of Project 1 over the weekend. Make sure your work is up-to-date in the folder. 

4.  In-class designer presentations should be finished. I believe everyone has presented, please let me know if you have not. 

5. Make sure you fill out your Online Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET). They are due tomorrow 12/11/20. You should have received an email from the College about the SETs for each class you are taking. Apparently they ended up in everyone’s junk mail, so check your junk mail.

6. A reminder that we will not be meeting Friday 12/11 because it’s Reading Day (no classes)