Class Information

  • Class 1 Date: Wednesday 10/14/20 – No class: classes follow a Monday schedule
  • Class 2 – Date Friday 10/17/20 – In class presentations – Design Development (First Draft of Poster) See Topic, Class 2 below. Zoom video chat from 2:30-4:30PM. Complete ‘Activities’ with related dates.
  • Meeting Information: Details for how to join the Zoom call will be emailed to you. Please email me if you do not receive this information.


  • Mid-terms grades are pass/fail. See all grades that have been due to date and your related grade on the OpenLab GradeBook and Grading Policy. Also see ‘Final Project Grading Rubric Check List’ for Project 1, below.
  • NEXT: NYT Internship Orientation (Tuesday 10/20/20 1-2PM) Representatives from The New York Times Campus Recruitment team and Product Design share advice and answer questions about beginning a career in design. Register here >> NYT Internship Orientation Part 2
  • Watch the first in the series here >> NYT Internship Orientation Part1

To-Do Before Class

  1. Post your ‘Get Out the Vote’ Sketches and Mind Map: Create a new blog post showcasing your work as jpegs >> Assignment4-Concept Development
    (For details about how to create a post and upload images to this site see instructions in the OpenLab help sections: Writing a Post, Adding a link to a post, and Adding Images. Make sure you categorize your post under ‘Student Posts/ Assignment Posts’ and tag ‘Assignment4’) If possible number your sketches and add any details about your sketches that are important to understand.
  2. View discussion post: read and watch the posted links about Voting 2020>> Student Posts/Discussion Posts/ Discussion: Voting 2020
  3. Review Week 7 Agenda and make sure you watch the Massimo and Lella Vingnelli >> Week 7 Agenda

Topic & Agenda

Class 2 – In class presentations (Friday 10/20/20):

  1. DUE: Weds 10/09/20: Project1 – Campaign Development (First Draft of Poster)>> Activities/Projects&Assignments/Assignment5 for the Get Out the Vote Campaign. Create a new blog post showcasing your work (you can also create a blog post with a link to your work saved into the class Dropbox folder: Assignment5-Campaign Development)
  2. See Final Project Grading Rubric Check List: COMD2400-GradingRubricDownload
  3. Designer Presentation: Gail Anderson by Ana Santana. You can view part of Ana’s presentation here>> Assignment 3 Designer Presentation and watch:


  1. Sign Up if you have not already done so. Each of you will be asked to create a five-ten minute presentation of a noted designer: >>Activities/Projects&Assignments/Assignment3
  2. DUE: Wed 10/23/20 Get Out the Vote Campaign:
    • Revise your campaign according to in-class feedback
    • Expand your campaign to include: 4×6 Rectangular Postcard and defined Social media campaign squares
  3. Next week intro to Project2