M. Genevieve Hitchings | COMD2400 - OL07 | FALL 2020

Assignment 3: Designer Presentations

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Each of you will be asked to create a five-ten minute presentation of a noted designer listed below. Please sign up to present one.

Presentations should primarily showcase the designer’s work. The week of your presentation please create a post on this blog and provide a three paragraph summary of the designer’s background, career highlights, and most noteworthy work.

Plan to show 8 to 20 selections of the designer’s work to the class via a zoom video chat. How you decide to present the designer’s work is up to you. You can create a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF; you can walk us through the designer’s website, or other pre-selected links that feature their work; you can collect a series of images in a folder and present their work from this folder; you can also direct the class to a short video about the designer if one is available.

Whichever way you decide to show their work, your presentation should be organized and demonstrate thorough research on your part, and you should be able to talk about the pieces you show.

Student In-Class Presentations on Designer

Presentations will always take place on Fridays starting week 5.
Please send me an email (mhitchings@citytech.cuny.edu) to sign-up for presenting one of the designers below:

Week6 — Emory Dougals by Yvan Zoniaba

Week7 — Rocco Picatello by Florence Litchmore-Smith

Week8 — Gail Anderson by Ana Santana

Week9 — Giorgia Lupi by Kimba Alleyne

Week10 — Arem Duplessis by Shandale Ricketts

Week11 — Matteo Bologna by Jamarri Taylor

Week12 — Cey Adams

Week13 — Paula Sher by Andrew Chen

Week14 — Saul Bass by Favian Ling

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  1. Florence Litchmore-Smith

    Florence F Litchmore-Smith will choose Rocco Piscatello

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