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DUE: Weds 10/07/20 (First Draft)

It’s time to start designing! With type as your tool, design your GOTV campaign geared at motivating your community to register and vote in the 2020 general election.

Get Out the Vote Campaign

Project Goals

Create a typography-led integrated graphic design campaign that:

  1. Uses type to celebrate a community of your choice and showcase what makes it unique
  2. Explores communities beyond the usual expectations. Such as online communities, those with shared interests, groups trying to bring about change or even communities brought together by circumstance.

Additional Details

Carefully read the AIGA project brief for additional information about the ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign >>AIGA GOTV Project Brief

Project Specifications

  • 11×17 Poster (Required)
  • 4×6 Rectangular Postcard
  • 14×48 Billboard
  • Social media campaign squares

Feel free to use the InDesign templates provided by the AGIA. You can find them here: >>AIGA GOTV Project Brief>AIGA GOTV Project Templates

Project Development

  1. Once you have completed, presented and received feedback on your 9 sketches. Chose the one that was most successful and make any necessary revisions to the sketch. It can be helpful at this point to sketch out a more refined and revised version.
  2. Once you feel you have resolved all your problems you can begin to go to final. You can chose to work in whichever program you feel most comfortable in. See the project dimension above.
  3. You must use a maximum of 2 typefaces. Try to select a typeface that comes with a large type family.
  4. Try and determine a color scheme to work with. This might change, but it can be helpful to have a direction.
  5. Make sure you set up a comfortable margin (.05″) within your document.
  6. This is a first draft. You may need to explore more than one design solution.

Submit Your Work

Make a folder with your name on it and save your work as PDFs (all files should have your name on them) into the class Dropbox folder: >>Assignment 5 – Campaign Development