• Class 1 Date: Wednesday 11/18/20 – Project 2 Open Business Lab session: Developing strategy for pitch to class on Friday. Zoom video chat from 2:30-5:00PM
  • Class 2 – Date Friday 11/20/20 – Project 2 Open Business Presentations: Inspiration, direction & strategy (Logo sketches, Copy and inspiration research). Zoom video chat from 2:30-5:00PM


Monday was the 3rd part in a NY Times x COMD lecture series that had about 45-60 students and faculty participants each session. We are building a pipeline with the NY Times for Product design, Graphic design and Advertising jobs. Each lecture was taped, but yesterday’s about Portfolios was the most informative AND insightful.

The series is on the COMD YouTube channel:

Topic & Agenda

Class 1 – In class (Weds 11/18/20):

In class review and discussion of case study: #BreathLife created by Purpose (Ad Agency)

  1. Be prepared to share one project from your research of professional work awards featured on >> The One Club: The One Show: Awards or the Webby Awards (Chose one to share with the class on Friday.)
  2. Continue to work on three different styles (9 total): developing copy Lecture&Lessons/Lecture7 >> Lecture7:Developing Headline/Taglines
  3. Continue to work on your creative brainstorming begin to make a plan and sketch solutions for a logo or logotype with tagline – a symbol and a name for the initiative. The design concept must work in black and white, and in various sizes (scale up or down proportionately). You should create at least 9 sketches.
  4. On Friday you will be asked to present your ‘pitch’ what your research and brainstorming has led you to for resolving this challenge. For next class create a post to this blog and show both your logo sketches as well as all your 9 different taglines: create a post on this site and upload your images or links to this post. (For details about how to create a post and upload images to this site see instructions in the OpenLab help sections: Writing a Post, Adding a link to a post, and Adding Images.
Class 2 – In class (Friday 11/20/20):

Working as an agency we will present in-house ‘pitch’ today. Everyone will share their work and ideas and we will collectively decide on next steps for the ‘Open Business’ campaign.

  1. Presentations: Developing Copy and Taglines and Logo development concepts and general concept strategy
  2. Present the award winning work that you find on>> The One Club: The One Show: Awards
  3. Develop clear strategy for campaign
    • Attract Attention
    • Make the message easily read and understood
    • Create a response
  4. Outline project scope and deliverables


Stage 4: Project Development: For next Weds focus branding:

Stage 4: Project Development: For next Weds focus branding:

  1. ‘Open Business’ is the initiative and the initiative’s name, so that should be encompassed in the logo. The main components the initiative is trying to communicate and promote are:
    • Safe air (masks and/or additional ventilation)
    • Germ free (hand washing/ hand sanitizer)
    • Social distance (6ft apart)  
  2. Develop the tagline to explain, reflect, and compliment the brand and the initiative.
  3. And lastly, the campaign is meant to use NYC as a place where this initiative is being rolled out, embraced and celebrated.