• Class 1 Date: Wednesday (a Friday Schedule) 11/25/20 – Project 2 Open Business Lab session: Continue developing strategy. Zoom video chat from 2:30-5:00PM
  • Class 2 – Date Friday 11/27/20 – Happy Thanksgiving (No Class)

Topic & Agenda

Class 1 – In class (Weds 11/25/20):
  1. Continue to share projects from your research of professional work awards featured on >> The One Club: The One Show: Awards or the Webby Awards (Chose one to share with the class on Friday.)
  2. Stage 4: Project Development – Finalize Branding Collectively
    1. ‘Open Business’ is the initiative and the initiative’s name, so that should be encompassed in the identity (logo). The main components the initiative is trying to communicate and promote are:
      • Safe air (masks and/or additional ventilation)
      • Germ free (hand washing/ hand sanitizer)
      • Social distance (6ft apart)  
    2. Develop the tagline to explain, reflect, and compliment the brand and the initiative.
    3. And lastly, the campaign is meant to use NYC as a place where this initiative is being rolled out, embraced and celebrated.
  3. Develop clear strategy for campaign
    • Attract Attention
    • Make the message easily read and understood
    • Create a response
    • Launch Even

Class Notes


Stage 4: Project Development Next Steps:
Refine and revise your best tagline for next class 12/02

Next week: Outline project scope and deliverables

  • Advertising/Promotion
  • Signage
  • Social Media Campaign