• Class 1 โ€“ Date: Wednesday 11/4/20 โ€“ Project 2 Open Business โ€˜Design Programs & Branding.โ€™ Zoom video chat from 2:30-5:00PM
  • Class 2 โ€“ Date Friday 11/6/20 โ€“ Project 2 Open Business Research: target audience (community) & strategy. Zoom video chat from 3:00-5:00PM


  • We will be wrapping up Project 1. Make sure you have saved you final PDFs for the Get Out the Vote Campaign in this Dropbox folder โ€“ make a new folder with your name on it: Assignment5-CampaignFINAL)

Topic & Agenda

Class 1 โ€“ In class (Weds 11/4/20):
  1. Introduction to next major project, Project 2 >> Activities/Projects&Assignments/Project 2: Open Business
  2. Branding Lecture โ€“ Lecture&Lessons/Lecture5 >> Lecture 5: Design Programs & Branding
  3. Cultivating creativity โ€” Brainstorming, concepts and ideation. Concept Mapping (mind map) & white boarding ideas โ€” to help visualize the connections between concepts and ideas. Objective is to organize thoughts and discover new relationships, ideas or concepts.
  4. Pum Lefebure is a co-founder and chief creative officer of Design Armyยฎ in Washington, DC. “Lefebure breaks down creating the creation of the Hong Kong Ballet campaign, design, music, choreography, and thinking on your feet!” — One Club’s Creative Perspective

Class 2 โ€“ In class (Friday 11/6/20):
  1. Designer Presentation: Matteo Bologna by Jamarri Taylor.
  2. Developing copy and headlines. Develop a title for the project exploring three different styles:
  3. Developing Copy โ€“ Lecture&Lessons/Lecture7 >> Lecture7:Developing Headline/Taglines
  • Alliteration: tongue twister
  • List of three
  • Contrasting Pair


  1. Stage 1 DUE 11/6/20 Research: target audience (community) & strategy. Brainstorm creative strategy: mind map.