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DUE: Weds 9/30/20

A. Content Development

Compose all the copy that will appear in your campaign especially your poster. This can be done in a word document and should include the following:

  • The header
  • A subhead
  • Additional copy – as it relates to the messaging in your Pitch
  • And detailed copy related to information you want your target audience to know about. Please read the AIGA project brief for the ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign carefully: >>AIGA GOTV Project Brief
    1. The primary message for the 2020 campaign is “Get out the Vote” including the following concepts:
      • Register to Vote
      • Vote
      • Encourage Voter Registration
      • Encourage Voting
    2. The secondary message:
      • Vote by Mail + Be Counted (participate in the 2020 census)
    3. Additional messaging:
      •  5 Weeks Out: What’s on Your Ballot (9/28)
      • 4 Weeks Out: National Voter Education Week (10/5)
      • 3 Weeks Out: What you need to Vote (10/12)
      • 2 Weeks Out: Vote Early Day (10/19)
      • 1 Week Out: Returning your ballot/Go Out and Vote (10/26)
      • Day Of: Celebrate Democracy! (11/3)

B. Mind Maps – Brainstorming Ideas

Organize your research and being to visualize ideas. Create a mind map or brain map.

A mind map (or brain map) is a diagram used to visually organize information. They are often created around a single concept (ex: Go Vote, 2020) and drawn as an image in the center of a blank landscape page, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added. Major ideas are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those. It is meant to help you begin to visualize the research you collected for ‘the Pitch.’

The main idea, subject or focus is crystallized in a central image (ex: Go Vote, 2020). The main themes radiate from the central image as ‘branches.’ The branches comprise a key image or key word drawn or printed on its associated line. Topics of lesser importance are represented as ‘twigs’ of the relevant branches

Watch below to learn about mind maps here:

C. Concept Poster Sketches

Create three different possible concept sketches. For each of these three sketches generate three different possible variations on how you could lay it out. You should have 9 sketches in total. And don’t forget your visual solution should be typographic.

Each sketch should be drawn in proportion to the dimensions of a poster (11×17″ portrait view) but can be smaller and must have a clear border. See example here showing two different concepts (three variations on each concept):

D. Submit Your Work

Make a folder with your name on it and save your work as PDFs (all files should have your name on them) into the class Dropbox folder: >>Assignment 4 – Concept Development