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Commenting on a Site

1. When you are viewing a post or a page on a course, project, or club site, you will usually have the option of leaving a comment.  Comments usually respond to the content of a post or a page (e.g., expand a conversation, answer a question, etc.).  To leave a comment on a site, you will need to access that site’s “Home” page  and browse to locate the post or page on which you would like to leave a comment.  Once you have identified the appropriate post or page, click Leave a Reply.  If others have already left comments, the link will instead let you know how many comments have already been left (e.g., instead of “Leave a Reply” it will read “4 Replies”)—this is still the correct link to leave your comment.

site comments screenshot

comment on a site screenshot

2. You can also leave a comment by clicking the appropriate post or page and clicking inside the text box below the heading, “Leave a Reply.”   On some themes you can also click the small speech balloon near the top of a post.

comment form screenshot

3. When you are finished typing your comment, click Post Comment.  If the administrator has enabled a captcha, i.e., a verification tool to avoid spam, you may need to verify that you are a person–not a spambot–by answering a simple math equation.

post comment screenshot