• Class 1 – Date: Wednesday 11/11/20 – Project 2 Open Business ‘Developing Copy’ Lab time to work on project. Zoom video chat from 2:30-5:00PM
  • Class 2 – Date Friday 11/13/20 – Project 2 Open Business Research: Inspiration, direction & strategy. Zoom video chat from 2:30-5:00PM


  • Final Get Out the Vote Campaign with changes from critique should be saved in the Dropbox folder. Be sure to save all required dimensions of the project within. Make a new folder with your name on it: Assignment5-CampaignFINAL)

Topic & Agenda

Class 1 – In class (Weds 11/11/20):
  1. Share your three different styles (9 total): developing copy – Lecture&Lessons/Lecture7 >> Lecture7:Developing Headline/Taglines
  2. Go and explore the awards featured on >> The One Club: The One Show: Awards or the Webby Awards (Chose one to share with the class on Friday.)
  3. From your creative brainstorming begin to make a plan and sketch solutions for a logo or logotype with tagline – a symbol and a name for the initiative. The design concept must work in black and white, and in various sizes (scale up or down proportionately). You should create at least 9 sketches.
  4. For next class create a post to this blog and show both your logo sketches as well as all your 9 different taglines: create a post on this site and upload your images or links to this post. (For details about how to create a post and upload images to this site see instructions in the OpenLab help sections: Writing a Post, Adding a link to a post, and Adding Images.
Class 2 – In class (Friday 11/6/20):
  1. Designer Presentation: Matteo Bologna by Jamarri Taylor.
  2. Review: Developing Copy and Taglines and Logo development concepts
  3. Present the award that you find on>> The One Club: The One Show: Awards
  4. Cultivating creativity β€” Brainstorming, concepts and ideation. Concept Mapping (mind map) & white boarding ideas β€” to help visualize the connections between concepts and ideas. Objective is to organize thoughts and discover new relationships, ideas or concepts.


  1. Stage 3 DUE 11/18/20: Pitch and Presentation the class. Class votes and assess most successful campaigns pitched