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DUE: Wednesday 9/2

Critiquing Work: Good or Bad? Successful or Not?

Browse the following section of this site: ‘Help & Resources/Course Resources.’ You can also browse ads from magazines (take a photo or scan) or other online sites. Find 6 magazine (PRINT) ads to show in our next class. Choose 3 ads you think work well and 3 you think do not communicate well.

Once you have chosen the 6 ads, create a post on this site and upload your images or links to this post. (For details about how to create a post and upload images to this site see instructions in the OpenLab help sections: Writing a Post, Adding a link to a post, and Adding Images. Make sure you categorize your post under ‘Student Posts/ Discussions’) For each of the 6 ads that you post, evaluate the concept, strategy, design and art direction based on the following criteria:

  1. STRATEGY: 1 Best 5 Worst
    Ability to establish a clear and concise concept for the proper audience, using the appropriate channel. I know why this ad was created.
  2. LAYOUT/DESIGN: 1 Best 5 Worst
    The ad is organized and designed with a creative solution in a way that adheres to visual standards (e.g.: grids, hierarchy, typography, contrasts, size, etc.)
    It’s feels well designed and has a clear creative vision.
  3. COPY: 1 Best 5 Worst
    The ad uses words well to characterize the voice and tone of the client.
    It sounds like them, or who they want to be.
  4. MESSAGE: 1 Best 5 Worst
    There is a clear understanding of who the audience is and how this audience should react and respond. You know and “get” them.
  5. CREATIVITY: 1 Best 5 Worst
    The ad is unique. Wow, that is a great concept — it resonates.
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